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Make using cell phones during dialysis procedures a cognizable offence by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 19 Feb 2011 7:54pm In India, dialysis professionals do not refrain from using cell phones during procedures such as starting and closing sessions. I am not sure about other countries. This is totally unacceptable. You may be an expert at what you are doing. But please spare a thought for the poor soul on the bed. He has had a life-changing diagnosis. He is try ... Read on »
Pre-Dialysis Procedure Often Delayed in Poorer Communities by Medline Plus Posted Thu 05 Aug 2010 2:00pm Study sheds light on need to provide all patients with recommended treatment By Robert Preidt Thursday, August 5, 2010 THURSDAY, Aug. 5 (HealthDay News) -- Kidney disease patients in poor communities are less likely than patients in wealthier areas to receive optimal care before they start dialy ... Read on »
SPOTLIGHT CASE AND COMMENTARY: Dangerous Dialysis by Healthcare Research & Quality Posted Fri 15 Oct 2010 5:00am Dangerous Dialysis Commentary by Jean L. Holley, MD List common errors that occur in dialysis units. Describe steps that can be taken by dialysis units to prevent these common errors. Describe the role of the dialysis unit medical director in promoting patient sa ... Read on »
More Frequent Dialysis Improves Health of Kidney Patients by Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 1:41pm Kidney patients fare better on an almost-daily hemodialysis regimen than on the standard 3-times-a-week plan, according to a new study. While more research is needed, the finding could lead to changes in the standard of care for patients who need dialysis treatment. ... Read on »
Cramping on dialysis by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:10am When does someone cramp on dialysis? Based on my experience, I have seen two kinds of situations when someone cramps during dialysis: - When the rate of fluid removal is too high - When too much fluid is removed What's the difference between the two, you might wonder? There is. Let me explain. My dry weight is 79 kgs. Dry wei ... Read on »
Dialysis in the middle of an ocean by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 31 Jul 2012 7:26pm During my seven night cruise, I got three dialysis sessions. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The sessions were all four hours each. The company that facilitates this is called Dialysis at Sea . They take up a couple of rooms in the medical facility of a cruise ship and they pay the cruise fees of a nephrologist and the necessary dialysis nurses ... Read on »
Dialysis in India - the need for a registry by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 07 Jan 2009 2:59pm I am not aware of any dialysis registry that exists in India. If I am wrong, please correct me. Why is this important? In a country like India, you cannot escape the size of the population. By implication, you are always dealing with huge problems. Problems that affect a large number of people, problems that require a large quantum of res ... Read on »
Blood Pressure on Dialysis: How low is too low? by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 01 Apr 2012 1:08am Like most other folks on dialysis, when I was initially diagnosed with kidney disease, my Blood Pressure (BP) would skyrocket. I was put on a potent cocktail of anti-hypertensives or drugs that would reduce the BP. When I was diagnosed with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy somewhere in late 2005, I was put on Cardivas 6.25 mg twice a day and Ramipr ... Read on »
Kamal on dialysis - my dialysis video by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 19 Jan 2009 1:17am I had my brother take a video of me starting dialysis myself one night. A lot of editing - removing the inconsequential parts (and a couple of bloomers which I did not want anyone to see!) and I have three parts of the video. I finally shortened about 39 minutes of footage to less than 19 minutes. The first part covers the preparation of bicar ... Read on »
AKI requiring dialysis in the hospital: Does this mean I'm on dialysis for good? by Matt S. Posted Tue 23 Aug 2011 1:44pm As nephrology fellows we see a lot of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) on the inpatient consultative service. When AKI in the hospital requires dialysis people and their families naturally want to know whether this means long term dialysis will be required. The answer, as with many things in medicine, is it depends. AKI has a wide variety of ... Read on »