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What kind of back brace will work for my body type? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Fri 10 Dec 2010 1:34pm I need a back brace for my back pain. I have lower back pain (mostly due to the weight I have to carry on my chest ) but I have a little bit of a belly too. I have gotten a back brace before but it was all elastic and folded itself in half due to my odd shape. It can be hard to choose the right back belt when you are having excruciating low ... Read on »
Question from a Reader: What Do You Think of Back Braces? by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Aug 2008 8:19am A reader writes: " What do you think of back braces? Which kind, if any, really help?" There are two main types of braces for the lower back: external and internal. An external brace is one you wear and the one that most people think of when they hear the word "brace". An internal brace is the one produced by tightening of certain muscles t ... Read on »
Knee Brace Support by Josh Patient Expert Posted Mon 05 Jul 2010 6:25pm Knee Brace Support Different Types Of Support For Your Knee Are you in search of a knee support, but you are not totally clear on what type to get? Introduction This article can be very helpful in breaking down the types of knee supports into a few simple categories. You can go on the internet and look around and although ... Read on »
To Brace Or Not To Brace by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 17 Jun 2013 3:00pm Being an athlete carries with it the risk that an injury is one play away. And for years, athletes, doctors and trainers have been coming up with new methods to help prevent injuries form occurring in the first place. Prophylactic bracing is one of many things experts have come up with to help the athlete stay in the game, but do they ... Read on »
Broken Braces by Dr. Dean Brandon Posted Sat 30 Oct 2010 6:29am Braces often get damaged in some way throughout the course of treatment. Although most kids are pretty careful (or lucky), we have cases of broken braces from time to time. It is very common to have some kind of problem with braces--be careful, but expect some normal problems. Here are a few of the most common: 1. ... Read on »
Invisalign Invisible Braces - Achieve the Results You Want by Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook Posted Fri 28 Jan 2011 4:12am Beautiful straight teeth certainly augment the beauty of your smile and improve your facial appearance.  Effective orthodontic treatment options such as Invisalign invisible braces are innovative means to straighten your misaligned teeth and achieve the results you want within a short time. Extremely Comfortable Dental Braces Orthodonti ... Read on »
Invisalign For Invisible Braces Online by estertey Patient Expert Posted Sun 14 Aug 2011 7:46am My twin daughter will soon have their braces. They are not very happy on how will they look with braces on their teeth. They are begging me to purchase the invisible braces for them so I tried looking at the prices on the internet and found this Invisalign . They offer invisible braces that provide the ideal way to change smile without ... Read on »
Brace Yourself by Lisa .. Posted Tue 19 Jun 2012 8:59am Elisabeth has been having trouble sitting lately because her scoliosis has gotten so severe; she just kind of tips over. So yesterday she got a back brace. The orthopedic surgeon said it won't stop her spine from doing whatever it is that it's going to do...but it might give her enough support to stay upright. (let's hope) I love the littl ... Read on »
I Decorated My AFO Brace! by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:20pm Another day of breaking in my new AFO brace. It went pretty well, I am not as tired as I was yesterday, so that is good, and I got a lot of work done. I also decorated my brace! I got my local 44 sticker and my Tumors Suck sticker, a few glow in the dark stars and a bunch of smiley faces. I tried putting some molesk ... Read on »
my TLSO brace: Part I by Donna Peach Patient Expert Posted Fri 28 Aug 2009 8:08pm After my spine surgery 1/30/09, my surgeon explained that my back was then very fragile and likely to remain for a long time weak and unstable. The chemo from my first encounter with breast cancer in 2004 caused osteoporosis in my spine. The surgery removed cancerous tumor from the thoracic area, corrected some benign displaced verteb ... Read on »