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Reader Question: Fleur-de-lis or Inverted T Tummy Tuck for Weight Loss? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Wed 07 Jul 2010 7:30am Reader Question: I have lost about 100 pounds and am looking at having a tummy tuck. What is a Fleur-de-lis Tummy Tuck? It it what I need? A “Fleur-de-lis or Inverted T Tummy Tuck” is a version of the tummy tuck operation in which there is a vertical incision (and later a scar) to take in some of the extra skin in the lower abd ... Read on »
What is the significance of biphasic T waves ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 25 Jan 2010 9:30am T waves  are the most enigmatic waves  in clinical electrocardiography  . This is not a surprise , when you consider a tall T wave  and   a   markedly  inverted T wave both can be normal in  at least in 6 leads out of 12 lead  standard electrocardiogram ( V1 V2 V3 , 2 ,3 AVF, ofcourse the AVR  ) Common T wave patterns that can either be ... Read on »
Bizarre T-wave inversion of Stokes Adams attack (syncope and complete AV block), with alternating RBBB and LBBB by Stephen Smith Posted Fri 19 Aug 2011 1:30pm This is a 68 yo male with a history of aortic stenosis, on carvedilol, fell from a ladder approx 20 ft onto concrete, landing face down with likely loss of consciousness.  Upon EMS arrival, pt was still face down in a pool of blood, but was responsive, alert, and neuro intact.  His BP was stable en route, but he was bradycardic in the 30's. ... Read on »
Chest pain, SOB, Precordial T-wave inversions, and positive troponin. What is the Diagnosis? by Stephen Smith Posted Fri 08 Mar 2013 10:28am A male in his 60's with med h/o only significant for HTN and hyperlipidemia presented for CP and SOB.  On the day prior, he became very SOB and felt like he was going to pass out when he tried to stand up from bed.   This was accompanied by chest heaviness  and followed by left chest pain and a stiff sensation in his neck.  The pain progressed ... Read on »
Chest pain and LBBB. LBBB resolves and there is V1-V3 T-wave inversion. by Stephen Smith Posted Sat 11 Jun 2011 12:23pm A 59 year old man with no cardiac history was at work when he developed very typical substernal chest pressure.  He went to a clinic across the street and had this ECG recorded: There is sinus tach with LBBB with appropriate discordance and no excessive discordance.  To learn about appropriate and excessive discordance, plea ... Read on »
Pseudonormalization of T-waves: STEMI by Stephen Smith Posted Sun 15 Apr 2012 11:47am Here are other cases of pseudonormalization. A 61 y.o. female with no h/o coronary disease presented with 3 days of nausea, vomiting, 3-4 liquid stools, and shortness of breath, especially with exertion. She denies fevers, chills, cough, chest pain, chest pressure, chest heaviness, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Her risk factors are HTN, sm ... Read on »
Pseudonormalization of T waves, Coronary occlusion without 1 mm ST elevation by Stephen Smith Posted Mon 14 Dec 2009 7:36am This 64 year old woman presented intoxicated with nausea and vomiting and epigastric pain, with no chest pain. She has a history of a stent, but unknown in which artery. She stopped taking clopidogrel 2 weeks ago because she ran out. Here is the initial ECG; there was no previous ECG for comparison. Notice there is deep symmetric T inve ... Read on »
Elderly With No Symptoms, Wellens's Thus Overlooked, Then ST Elevation Doubted by Stephen Smith Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 6:48pm Here is a case of an 89 year old woman who had syncope but no chest pain or shortness of breath. Her initial EKG (#1) shows some nondiagnostic ST depression in V4-V6, probably due to LVH. She has a troponin of 0.13 ng/ml (ref range up to 0.09). (#1) She is admitted, her trop peaks at 0.23, her next day EKG done 8 hours later is shown be ... Read on »
Four anterior STEMIs: acute and reperfused vs. won't reperfuse, subacute and reperfused vs. not reperfused by Stephen Smith Posted Wed 26 Oct 2011 6:37pm These 4 recent cases illustrate acute and subacute MI with reperfusion and absence of reperfusion (or failed reperfusion).  QS-waves and depth of T-wave inversion are very helpful in determining the duration of injury (the "acuteness" of the ECG), the viability of the myocardium, and patency of the infarct-related artery.  Persistence of ST ele ... Read on »
Chest Pain, SOB, anterior T-wave inversion, positive troponin by Stephen Smith Posted Fri 04 Mar 2011 9:17am This 38 yo male presented with chest pain with activity for 4 days, worse on the day of presentation, and associated with SOB.  He has a h/o Renal failure and has a transplant, lately struggling with CMV infection.  His exam was negative.  Here is the ECG There is sinus rhythm at a rate of about 100 (faster than normal for ACS).  The ... Read on »