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CDPH FOCUSES ON MOTHER AND CHILD DURING BLACK INFANT HEALTH WEEK by CA Dept of Public Health Posted Fri 30 Jul 2010 11:58am The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced its participation in the national observance of Black Infant Health Week, February 21–27, by unveiling its top-10 health tips for women of childbearing age. The campaign is observed each year during the month of February, Black History Month. During Black Infant Health Week, CDPH pa ... Read on »
Functional ingredients in infant formula: Are these about health or marketing? by Dr. Marion Nestle Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 09 Jun 2010 6:49am If you don’t have a small baby, or your baby is breastfed (and see note at end) you no doubt are missing the furor over “functional” ingredients that companies have been adding to infant formulas. DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) came first.  As I discuss in my book, What to Eat, infant formula companies could not wait to add it.  They knew they ... Read on »
Heavy infant denied health insurance 14 by relationships .. Posted Mon 12 Oct 2009 10:02pm Heavy infant in Grand Junction denied health insurance To learn more read here   Read on »
Headliners: Respiratory Health: Effects in Infants from Tobacco Smoke, Mold, and Older Siblings by Environmental Health Posted Sat 30 Sep 2006 9:00pm Headliners: Respiratory Health: Effects in Infants from Tobacco Smoke, Mold, and Older Siblings Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors. Jump to ... Read on »
New Tobacco Product Poses Health Hazards for Infants & Children by Partnership for Prevention Posted Tue 20 Apr 2010 12:25pm R.J. Reynolds new product “Camel Orbs” poses health risks to infants and children according to a new study published online April 19, 2010 in the journal Pediatrics. Orbs are dissolvable nicotine products, flavored with cinnamon or mint, that are made to look like candy. Gregory Connolly, lead author of the study and director of the Tobacco Contr ... Read on »
Infant deaths: HR notice to AIIMS, health official by Dr. J. Mariano Anto Bruno M. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:57am New Delhi: Taking note of the deaths of 49 infants during clinical trials, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued a notice to the Indian Health Ministry and the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS). "This is a show-cause notice and we have sought comments from the Secretary of the Health Ministry and the AIIMS Directo ... Read on »
Health Risks For Infants by Corry C. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Mar 2013 10:41am We all want the best for our children and grandchildren and with our ten week old granddaughter living with us, this subject is close to my heart. The little critter is a glutton and at times just can't seem to get enough formula in that little belly. She is no exception to the rule and the want for the baby to be full and satisfied prompts many ... Read on »
Rising Infant Mortality, Racial Disparities, and Access to Health Care by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:26pm In a disturbing report in the NY Times this morning, infant mortality rates have in the Southern United States have risen . For one of the richest countries in the world, this is an embarrassment; the United States has the second worst newborn death rate in the modern world, and some of the factors contributing to number are poverty, lack of acc ... Read on »
Health Tip: Bonding With Your Infant by HealthFinder Posted Wed 04 Jul 2012 1:00pm healthnewslink It's a key part of baby's development (HealthDay News) -- Developing an intimate relationsh ... Read on »
Health Tip: Bonding with Your Infant by Medline Plus Posted Wed 04 Jul 2012 7:00am It's a key part of baby's development Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Page: Infant and Newborn Care Read on »