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How to Improve Kidney Function in Kidney Cyst by Pkd Z. Facebook Posted Mon 27 Jan 2014 1:58am People diagnosed with kidney cyst may suffer from a series of discomforts like hypertension, back pain, blood in urine, which has close connection with low kidney function. Well, what can they do to improve kidney function?  Read on »
How To Improve Kidney Function With Herbs and Herbal Treatments by Kodjoworkout Posted Sun 07 Jul 2013 2:05pm Kidney disease is a very difficult illness to deal with. The symptoms may not even appear until the kidney has lost 60% of its function. One of the symptoms of kidney disease is edema, which is characterized by a swelling in the ankle, feet and lower leg areas. Other symptoms of kidney disease and chronic kidney disease are: loss of appet ... Read on »
How to Improve Kidney Function by Kodjoworkout Posted Mon 06 Jan 2014 6:34am When we fail to take care of our health Safeguarding our health should be a priority for every one of us and we will usually always try to do whatever is in our power to stay healthy. However, sometimes we harm our bodies in very subtle ways, without even realizing it, and we may only become aware of ... Read on »
PKD with GFR 20: How to Improve Kidney Function by Pkd Z. Facebook Posted Mon 30 Dec 2013 3:02am GFR( glomerular filtration rate) is one of the reliable indicators of kidney function. If the GFR declines, kidney function declines. GFR 20 often indicates that there are only 20% kidney functions left. How to improve kidney function in PKD with GFR 20?   Read on »
How to Improve Kidney Function of PKD Naturally by Pkd Z. Facebook Posted Fri 07 Feb 2014 1:09am Maybe you and your family member are suffering from kidney dysfunction. Maybe you are looking for an effective treatment to improve kidney function of PKD naturally. Then follow me to find the treatment.  Read on »
Weight Loss Improves Kidney Function by Linda Posted Fri 18 Sep 2009 12:00am If you are overweight and have kidney disease, read this. A new study done at the Cleveland Clinic shows that weight loss may preserve kidney function. The analysis of many previous studies confirmed findings and revealed that weight loss attained through diet and exercise reduces proteinuria (excess excretion of protein in the urine a hallmar ... Read on »
Kidney function improved by exercise by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 3:32pm We already know that exercise helps to prevent heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers, and may extend life span. Now a report from Italy shows that exercise may also help to prevent kidney damage that occurs with aging ( Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine , May 2008). Doctors measure kidney function by calculati ... Read on »
Solve Your Kidney Problems: Improve Kidney Disease by Losing Weight by Kodjoworkout Posted Sun 12 Jan 2014 2:35pm Current and past research has shown that being overweight can put you at a higher risk for kidney problems. And if you are already suffering from kidney problems, losing weight can improve your kidney functions . The study below highlights the positives of losing weight if you have or are at risk for ... Read on »
Chronic kidney disease by Kel H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 08 Oct 2008 12:12am (Today another guest post by Dr Andrew Weissenberger. Read more about Dr Weissenberger here ) Chronic kidney disease (CKD), commonly also known as chronic renal disease, is a progressive, and generally permanent, loss of kidney function over a period of months or years. If a permanent loss of more the one-third of kidney function oc ... Read on »
Fruits & Vegetables Promote Kidney Health by A4M Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 10:03pm Posted on 2010-12-06 06:00:00 in Blood Pressure | Diet | In patients with kidney disease, the Western diet produces an acidic environment in the body that has numerous negative effects and wors ... Read on »