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HMGN Polypeptides as Immune Enhancers and HMGN Antagonists as Immune Suppressants by Posted Thu 31 May 2012 8:00pm Description of Invention: HMGN polypeptides are multidomain proteins known to function by binding DNA to regulate the transcription of certain genes inside cells. However, when a HMGN polypeptide is released extracellularly, it distinctly acts as a potent activator of the immune system. Because of this activity, it has poten ... Read on »
Immune Suppressants: Freedom at a price… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Wed 21 Apr 2010 5:00am Introduction The word 'freedom' is used very lightly these days by all and sundry and can be compared to the way people use the word 'sorry'. In my book, people who understand the meaning of these words use them wisely, and at a time when it is truly appropriate. What is freedom? Do you actually believe that you live in ... Read on »
Immune Suppressants: A Self-defeating drug or necessary evil? by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Tue 19 Apr 2011 8:17am For a while now, I have been a firm believer in not suppressing your thoughts, emotions or words. People love to edit what you say, despite the proverbial right of "freedom of speech". If you cannot use the words that you are most used to to convey your deepest thoughts, then what's the point, really! But then again – the a ... Read on »
Multiple Sclerosis Successfully Reversed In Mice: New Immune-suppressing Treatment Forces The Disease Into Remission by Jeff Pile Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:12pm ScienceDaily (Aug. 12, 2009) — A new experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) completely reverses the devastating autoimmune disorder in mice, and might work exactly the same way in humans, say researchers at the Jewish General Hospital Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University in Montreal. MS is an autoimmune di ... Read on »
Immune Suppressants – An Overview by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Aug 2012 8:17am Almost every part of the human body, apart from the entire human body itself, have some amazing facts linked to them. For example, did you know that your entire immune system can be transferred to another human being? Yet another interesting fact that has recently emerged is that "stress" damages the immune system while ... Read on »
Immune Suppressants – Everything You Need to Know by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Fri 27 Dec 2013 8:26am For a while now, I’ve lived under the notion that religion does make you a better person. Until I began to watch a number of episodes of Bill Maher’s “ Real Time “. I know it’s scary to walk away from a faith that is drilled into you since birth but that’s what I did. In a number of ways, following Christianity as a religion feels very im ... Read on »
FDA Safety Communication: Reducing the Risk of Hepatitis B Reactivation in Patients Using Two Immune-Suppressing and Anti-Cancer by Health & Human Services Posted Mon 21 Oct 2013 12:30pm By On September 25, 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Drug Safety Communication announcing that the FDA has approved changes to the prescribing information of the immune-suppressing and anti-cancer drugs Arzerra (ofatumumab) and Rituxan (rituximab) to add new Boxed Warning information about the risk of reactiva ... Read on »
A Qigong Workout to Provide Energy, Fight Stress, Build Immunity, and Suppress Appetite by Corina T. Posted Tue 19 Feb 2013 1:00pm Do you need more energy? Juggle a significant load of stress? Manage to catch every germ and bug from everyone around you? And/or have a need or desire for an appetite suppressant? Chances are you struggle with a couple of those issues if not all of them. And to add insult to injury, your time The post A Qigong Workout to Provide Energy, Fi ... Read on »
Treatment with an immune-suppressing drug may help people with Multiple Sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:25pm Reuters - Jun 9, 2008 5:48pm EDT New approach promising against multiple sclerosis By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treatment with an immune-suppressing drug may help people with the incurable disease multiple sclerosis, researchers said on Monday. Their small study showed that treatment with high doses of cyclophosphamide, ... Read on »
Afternoon tea in Arezzo, teardrops kill harmful bacteria, immune suppression in cancer, dexamethasone and MUC1, and the piano st by Margaret Patient Expert Posted Mon 23 Jan 2012 5:58am I actually don’t have a huge amount of free time today. But I’m on a break, so here’s a quick post. First, Arezzo: yesterday we spent a lovely relaxing day with friends (photo no. 1 is of Arezzo’s sloping and splendid Piazza Grande), which ended with a superb afternoon tea. Yes, I know, there is no traditional three-tier cake st ... Read on »