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Motivation for Losing Weight is Not Motivation for Changing Your Behavior by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Sat 03 Aug 2013 7:44am Do you find yourself in the position of being extremely motivated to lose weight but much less motivated about changing your behavior? This is the situation for most women who have excess weight to lose. If you are having difficulty losing weight, see if you have been hanging back about making a needed change to your behavior. There are l ... Read on »
Not Motivated to Exercise? by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Sun 05 Feb 2012 8:33pm It is the first weekend in February and it is now that all those people who decided January 1st to start an exercise program have fizzled out and returned to the couch.  Are you one of those individuals?  Not motivated to exercise any more?  If you are, I'm sure you are wondering why that happened? Let's look at a few reasons to why this happ ... Read on »
I Am Length Obsessed, However, Not For That Motives An Individual Might Assume by wawahair Posted Sat 22 Sep 2012 6:45am I am length obsessed, however, not for that motives an individual might assume. Yes, I realize which for a great deal of us all, carrying out extensions is actually the first actual photo from locks prior our collarbone, therefore we get up to date. Yet imagine if duration is actually a need to? My own locks are suuuuuper rare. I am talking abo ... Read on »
Not Motivated by Kimberly H. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 1:49pm Susan and I were lacking in the motivation department today - which I think was started by my poor start to the day. I woke up fairly tired today, and my stomach (gallbladder) was bothering me from the very start of the day... which is a new occurrence. My plan was to leave for Susan's by 7:30 this morning, but I didn't actually get off until 8 ... Read on »
How Not to Stay Motivated by Sweetly Balanced Posted Tue 04 Dec 2012 8:13am Step One: Ignore pain, push through it, until you can no longer walk. Step Two:  Finally recognize that something is wrong and finally go to the doctor. Step Three:  Get hooked on a ridiculous high school television show where all episodes are fully available on Netflix to take up all your time. Step Four: Attempt to workout around ... Read on »
"Quest for"...if not "Greatness" then "Motivation" by Pubsgal Posted Mon 15 Dec 2008 12:00am As I've blathered on about before, training for an event makes a huge difference in my motivation. So I'm really excited about Christie O.'s latest challenge on her Baby Tea Leaves web site: The Baby Tea Leaves Quest for Greatness ! Her last challenge was a weight-loss challenge called "Hot for the Holidays"...which was fun and popular, but I ... Read on »
Monday, Not Someday, Motivation by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Mon 25 Jun 2012 6:25am HAPPY MONDAY! Are you ready for another week? This week looks like a quiet one for me and I am OKAY with that. We are expecting temps in the 90s. It will be a great week to work, workout, and stay inside. Running around town in this heat is just not fun. I do, however, need to mow part of our yard. ICK! The front yard is fine, but ... Read on »
Busy + Not Super Motivated = by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:53pm No Exercise & No Dieting. I just have a lot going on right now with getting Max ready to leave for UNT next Friday. We started the GREAT SHOP OF '08 Friday at 5:30 pm and continued all weekend...Target, we have cleaned you out!!! (Not to mention Kohls, Old Navy and TJ Maxx). I know that normally I would be purchasing socks, shoes, some ... Read on »
but can not affect my motivation by ztaibaba Posted Wed 16 Jan 2013 3:21am   SEGA must be going through some problems right now or they have just shut of the server. (either permanently or temporarily), but I think it just temporarily. Keeping abreast about the latest announcements asdiscount nfl jerseysto when the season tickets for the above-mentioned events will take place can go a long way in helping you to enjoy ... Read on »