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My Humor Research by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Sat 02 Aug 2008 10:08pm [Rosie Shuster] did have one quality she could privately lord over her classmates: her father was a comedian. . . A life in comedy meant that Frank Shuster nodded, rather than laughed, at jokes that worked. FromAmerican Nerd: The Story of My Peopleby Benjamin Nugent, pp. 62-3. When I was in college I came up with a theory: Laughter is caus ... Read on »
‘Pointless humor’ Isn’t Pointless: It Rewires & Inspires Us by Dr. Erik G. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Sun 04 Mar 2012 12:56pm As I told Carrie Cummings from OMMA (interview  excerpted below),  I so rarely get asked questions about the positive side of social media or the Internet, it was a joy to talk about the benefits of humor.  Even the act of smiling has powerful impact on how you feel and the way you interact with others.  (For a wonderful discussion of this ... Read on »
Research Review: Article Investigating Factors That Impact Appeal of Board Games by Jeremiah D. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 08 Oct 2010 12:00am This is a review of an article published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing (2007). It is entitled, "An inquiry into the factors that impact on consumer appreciation of a board game." It was authored by Alain d’Astous and Karine Gagnon, both of Montreal, Canada. Normally I review articles that have more direct relevance to psychol ... Read on »
Drug Research….Spiders on Drugs by BPChicks Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 3:39pm Since we’ve been talking about drug research, I just had to share this with ya. Which spider are you? Filed under: humor, life, medical research, medication side effects, personal, stigma Read on »
Meet Hafiz: Pharmacist, Outcomes Researcher, Husband, Warrior by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Fri 31 May 2013 2:16am Written by Sickle Cell Warrior on 30 May 2013 Hi, I’m Hafiz. I was diagnosed with sickle cell disease (SCD) at the age of 2, I’m 31 now. I am able to cope with sickle cell through God’s blessings, the love and care I receive from my family, and my medications, which I must admit that I’m ... Read on »
Laughing....and Healing by Dr. Bruce F. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 19 Apr 2009 11:14pm Many of you would not be surprised to learn that your mood affects your health. Many studies have looked at various moods and personalities that potentially affect the body. Researchers have established connections between hostility and heart disease, victimization and cancer and helplessness and a variety of conditions in the workplace. There also ... Read on »
Kids Develop Sense of Humor by Age 1, Study Finds by HealthFinder Posted Thu 06 Sep 2012 1:00pm healthnewslink At 6 months, babies watched closely as their parents laughed at absurd events, researchers say. ... Read on »
Press Release: Parkinson’s Disease Patient’s Story Goes Multimedia, Proceeds to Benefit PD Research by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Thu 22 Apr 2010 7:57am “Deep Brain Diary: My Life as a Guy with Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Surgery Volunteer” is Bill Schmalfeldt’s personal story about living with a neurological disease that afflicts over a million Americans.  Written in the style of a diary, Schmalfeldt talks about how he discovered he had the disease at age 45, why he decid ... Read on »
Parkinson’s Patient Donates Book Proceeds to Research by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Mon 07 Jun 2010 12:41pm Posted 10 hours, 8 minutes ago @ Parky Bill // ... Read on »
August 20, 2010: This Week in SC Research by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Sat 21 Aug 2010 3:00pm Written by Sickle Cell Warrior on 21 August 2010 Once again, it’s a slow research week. The only thing to report from last week is the following: AesRx is developing a pill form of Aes-103, a small molecule pill that could reduce the number of red blood cells that can sickle. The company ... Read on »