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Human Parasites and Human Parasite Symptoms by ParasitesRobin Posted Tue 29 Jun 2010 1:28pm Human parasites are microorganisms living within the body. Then we turn into their hosts... Considering these parasitic organisms will be incapable of acquiring nutrients for themselves, they depend on us for their own survival. Unfortunately, parasitic organisms damage humans when they use up our own food and nutrients. They can destruct ou ... Read on »
STASH OF STEM CELLS FOUND IN A HUMAN PARASITE by David Granovsky Posted Sat 09 Feb 2013 12:00am A composite image of a scanning electron micrograph of a pair of male and female Schistosoma mansoni with the outer tegument (skin) of the male worm “peeled back” (digitally) to reveal the stem cells (orange) underneath. Stash of Stem Cells Found in a Human Parasite The parasites that cause schistosomiasis, one of the most commo ... Read on »
Viruses of protozoan parasites may exacerbate human disease by Vincent Racaniello Posted Wed 21 Nov 2012 12:00am Many protozoan parasites ( Trichomonas , Leishmania , Giardia , Plasmodium , Entamoeba , Nagleria , Eimeria, Cryptosporidium ) are infected with viruses. These viruses do not infect vertebrates, but their double-stranded RNA genomes are sensed by the innate immune system , leading to inflammatory complications of protozoan infections. Tr ... Read on »
Common Parasites Carried by Cats Reduces Inhibitions–In the Cat Host and Also With Humans If Exposed to Cat Feces by Incre by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 27 Sep 2012 6:47pm This is an interesting journal publication and not sure if I’m in on this one as far as believing it but the video is kind of funny.  Clean out the litter box for your cat and get exposed and go out and have a good time:)  It has to do with increasing dopamine in the brain and hormones and it does the same for the cat too.  Sounds like this is ... Read on »
Identification of New Malaria Parasite Erythrocyte Binding Protein (BAEBL) that Binds to Human Red Cells by Posted Sun 27 Feb 2011 7:00pm Description of Invention: Malaria is endemic in many parts of the world, particularly in tropical regions such as Asia, Central America and South America. Recent estimates of the number of cases of malaria worldwide are between five hundred million and one billion. There are approximately two to three hundred million new cas ... Read on »
Man Dies After Parasitic Worms Invade Lungs by Medline Plus Posted Wed 20 Mar 2013 5:00pm Steroid treatment for inflammatory disorder may have spurred 'hyperinfection,' report says Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Page: Parasitic Diseases Read on »
Do I Have A Parasite? by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Fri 23 Oct 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment If this is a question you are asking yourself, then more likely then not you may have some un-welcomed company! It certainly amazes me within my practice that so many people think that having chronic digestive problems, gas, constipation, skin rashes, pains in the stomach area, fatigue and other “vague” symptoms are just something you have to ... Read on »
PETS AND HUMANS SHARE DISEASES by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 09 Dec 2012 12:00am Before we get into pet-related matters, Helpful Buckeye would like to take a moment to honor and remember one of our all-time great jazz musicians, Dave Brubeck, who passed away this week.  Way back in the early 1960s, Helpful Buckeye was beginning to appreciate the "new" style of jazz as played by Stan Getz, Vince Guaraldi, Ramsey Lewis, Ha ... Read on »
Genetically Modified Fungi Kill Malaria-Causing Parasites in Mosquitoes by Medline Plus Posted Mon 28 Feb 2011 4:43pm Spraying malaria-transmitting mosquitoes with a genetically modified fungus can kill the malaria parasite without harming the mosquito, potentially reducing malaria transmission to humans, according to a new study published in the journal Science. Funded by the National Institute of ... Read on »
PEACE OUT PARASITES: what you’ve gotta know to be in the clear by culinarykarma Facebook Posted Sun 06 Oct 2013 12:44am Growing up in this day and age, we don’t really hear the word parasite unless we travel out of the country or have an itchy butt. Although these are two really crazy good reasons pointing us toward a cleansed parasite body- these are definitely not the only symptoms of a parasite infection. In fact, it’s been said that even diseases suc ... Read on »