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Antioxidant Vegetables by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 19 Aug 2009 4:42pm We know we need to eat more veggies. Maybe knowing the real benefit of eating veggies will help us actually eat them. The consumption of vegetarian diets is associated with many benefits in our body. Regular consumption of fresh vegetables helps to prevent a number of disorders including cancers. The risk of developing heart disorders is re ... Read on »
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUG RESEARCH by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert Posted Wed 08 Dec 2010 9:16am ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUG RESEARCH – A Pointer To The Better Role Of Phytochemicals From Fruits And Berries (A Short Note) Beldeu Singh Billions of dollars have been spent on research and production of anti-inflammatory drugs but they are all toxic. These drugs were developed with the intention to find chemicals that will suppress the Cox-2 ... Read on »
Wheat: Would You Give Your Kids Crack? by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:03pm Often the comments on Dr. Davis' HeartScanBlog are as insightful as his revolutionary ideas and core concepts. One vital core concept is wheat-cessation. From the entry 'I gained 30lbs from one cracker' , Anne said... "Wheat protein contains a number of opioid peptides which can be released during digestion. Some of these are thought to affect ... Read on »
"Desperately Seeking Sleep? Meet Your New Best Friend..." by tremedicure Facebook Posted Fri 29 Oct 2010 9:31pm Another interesting article quoted by Dr. Mercola:- Are you getting a good night's sleep?               If not, you're not alone. Nearly two-thirds of all Americans complain of occasional sleeplessness. Nearly 40% of those polled said they wake up off and on throughout the night, while more than 25% said they wake up too early and just ... Read on »
WorldNetDaily: The trouble with soy, part 3 by Timothy C. Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Sep 2008 12:01am Editors Note: the articles that are reprinted here are not necessarily the views of this web site. These articles are for information only and are reprinted here to add to your knowledge of strength training. Always consult a physician before undertaking any strength training program. Reprint from WorldNetDaily: The trouble with soy, part 3 ... Read on »
Bottled tea weak in polyphenols found in freshly brewed tea by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 22 Aug 2010 12:00am - The first measurements of healthful antioxidant levels in commercial bottled tea beverages has concluded that health-conscious consumers may not be getting what they pay for: healthful doses of those antioxidants, or “poylphenols,” th ... Read on »
USDA Questions Quality of Green Tea Supplements by A4M Posted Wed 04 May 2011 10:22pm Posted on 2011-05-03 06:00:00 in Dietary Supplementation | A chemical analysis of 20 commercially available green tea-based dietary supplements suggests that it is far better to drink green tea than opt for supplements. Researcher ... Read on »
Inhibitory Effects of Oolong Tea Polyphenols on Pancreatic by Nicole Y. Posted Sat 06 Feb 2010 12:53am INTRODUCTION Tea is the most popular beverage in the world (1). It has been well-known for a long time that three kinds of tea, i.e., green tea, oolong tea, and black tea, have beneficial effects on health. All types of tea are manufactured from the same plant species, Camellia sinensis L., but the preparation process for each one ... Read on »
31 for 21: Vitamin A Deficiency by Qadoshyah Posted Wed 13 Oct 2010 2:00pm Richard Muller who is a parent on one of the DS listservs I'm on shared new research that he found while searching PubMed the other day. This is something I've done fairly often . . . searching the research site to see what is new on DS. But, I haven't done it as much lately, so it was nice to see when Richard came up with the list of new studies ... Read on »
Dr. Saleeby contributes to Wikipedia - Rhodiola rosea by Yusuf Saleeby Medical DoctorFacebook Posted Tue 29 Mar 2011 12:00am Rhodiola rosea From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is an old revision of this page, as edited by Jpsaleeby ( talk  | contribs ) at 14:51, 14 March 2011. It may differ significantly from the current revision . Revision as of 14:51, 14 March 2011 by Jpsaleeby ( talk  | contribs ) ( diff ) ← Prev ... Read on »