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PHYSICAL FITNESS FRIDAYS- ANKLE WEIGHTS by Veggin' Out With Christa Facebook Posted Fri 21 Jan 2011 12:00am Hey folks, Happy Physical Fitness Friday to you!  One way that I work out when I'm doing exercises at home is use my ankle weights.  These help me put in a little extra work when doing exercises to tone up my legs.  I think these along with dumbbells are a great and inexpensive pieces of training equipment to have at home for days when you ... Read on »
Ankle Weights: Yay or Nay? by Suzanne B Posted Fri 28 Dec 2012 9:30pm Over the years, the consensus on additional weights when exercising has been that it is great. However, I am of the opinion that not every type of weight is great in every circumstance. I'm pretty sure not everyone reading this uses ankle weights in their workouts. Maybe you've seen it used, heard of it, but don't quite get i ... Read on »
I Died on August 21st 2013, but I am back. How did I die? Unboxing my new Wrist / Ankle weights, got my teeth fixed (again), Com by Strapples Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Sep 2013 12:00am [Translate] (Post subject to radical editing and changes until this tag removed. Updated at 11:41 AM SEPT 4) PHOTOS PENDING   In a coma Click the photo to go to a picture story of my death, and resurrection. (Note theres light at the end of this post…) Wow… When the shit hits the fan, it reall ... Read on »
Valeo AW5 5-Pound Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 18 May 2011 11:54am Valeo AW5 5-Pound Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights. Removable Weight Packs for Adjustment from 1 to 5bs. Self-Gripping Closure for Easy Removal of Weight Packs. Padded for Comfort. Dual Adjustable Metal D-ring Closure System. One Pair Read on »
Weight Ankle by Josh Patient Expert Posted Fri 09 Jul 2010 9:30pm Weight Ankle   Sprained Ankle Whether you've suffered an urban injury running to catch the bus or a rural plight exploring a hiking trail, the RICE method--Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate-will get you up and moving again. Follow these helpful steps to help heal your sprained ankle. A sprained ankle is a common injury and so ... Read on »
Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 03 Apr 2011 3:54am Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Read on »
Tip #9 - Leave the Extra Weight at Home! by Bethany Learn Posted Thu 25 Mar 2010 1:41pm Ankles weights used to be really popular. The appeal of burning extra calories by strapping a little extra sand to your stride is hard to resist. We add weight to our lifting routines to get stronger, so why not add weight to our cardio routines? The answer lies in numbers. Some quick math will reveal how many repetitions you perform in a given w ... Read on »
Fitness by Cathe: Cardio+Weights 4-Day Split by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 11:05am In mid-July, we asked, " Who is your favorite veteran exercise DVD Celeb?" And, well at least for us, the results were a little surprising. We thought for sure that we had listed the most popular celebrities. But, as you told us in the comments, we forgot one big one: Cathe Friedrich. I have a secret. Come in closer. Closer. I h ... Read on »
Walking For Weight Loss by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 18 May 2009 11:20pm Walking is a proven and effective way to lose weight. Many women have formed walking clubs and even participated in walking marathons. So how can you get a piece of the action? Simple. The first piece of equipment you need is a simple walking pedometer to help track your stats. This will help track how much steps you’re taking.  And the ver ... Read on »
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms by comebackmomma Posted Mon 29 Jul 2013 9:17pm Motherhood: It’s the greatest show in town, and the busiest! Between your kids running (or crawling) around, your husbands needing your help and a house to run, it can seem downright impossible to find any time for yourself, let alone workout. Fortunately there are certain fitness and weight loss tips you can employ that will n ... Read on »