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Comment on Five Must Have Spices For A Happy Belly by Beans and lentils: should you exclude them from your diet to stop bloating by Nadya Andreeva Facebook Posted Tue 24 Jun 2014 3:31pm […] Add Spices such as coriander, cumin, fennel, turmeric. You can read about the effects of spices here. […] Read on »
Comment on Dessert Turned Balanced Dinner by Beans and lentils: should you exclude them from your diet to stop bloating? | Nadya by Nadya Andreeva Facebook Posted Tue 24 Jun 2014 4:37pm […] Lentil dessert turned balanced dinner. One of my favorites:) […] Read on »
Causes Of A Bloated Stomach – How To Stop Stomach Bloating by HealthyOne Posted Tue 01 Sep 2009 12:00am There are various causes of a bloated stomach and most of them can be eliminated by making simple changes to the way you eat.  The two major causes of a bloated stomach are eating particular foods which cause intestinal gas and also constipation from not eating enough fiber rich foods. These problems can easily be resolve ... Read on »
How You Can Stop Digestive Problems, Gas And Bloating From Controlling Your Life. by bengreenfield Facebook Posted Sat 29 Sep 2012 12:00am Earlier this week, I told you about how I “How I Avoided Gut Rot, Ate Pure Corn Starch, And Won The Leadman Triathlon” In that article, I mentioned that in some cases, simply avoiding fructose, limiting processed sugars, or not drinking sports drinks is simply not enough. For example… -Do you have frequent, embarrassing gas? [...] Read on »
Top #26 Best Ways 2 Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly #6 "Stop Chewing Gum & Hard Candy" by islandgurl Posted Sat 14 Jul 2012 10:24pm Top #26 Best Ways To Beat Bloat ~ Banish Your Belly.. #6 Stop Chewing Gum & Hard Candy This my not be a obvious cause of your bloating, but chewing gum and sucking on hard candy causes you to swallow more air than what is normal. Air gets trapped in your gut, increases pressure and makes you bloat. Not only that, gums, mints and hard ... Read on »
How to end stomach bloating…forever by Alexandra Jamieson Posted Sat 14 Sep 2013 4:49pm I had a beautiful autumn weekend in Pennsylvania Dutch country – Amish buggies, classic car shows and we even tried some homemade cider donuts! I loved that they were small, not very sweet, and freshly made.   Now, I don’t eat these foods a lot – they’re a sometimes food, as my son calls them. If I eat too much sugar or gluten, m ... Read on »
What Makes You Feel Bloated and Overweight? by cynthiarowland Posted Thu 14 Jun 2012 6:16pm By Cynthia Rowland Food choices determine our body size; some foods are healthy for us and others not so much. Weight gain and bloating cause us angst – our clothes don’t fit, rings and bracelets can feel tight and we may even see bloat in our faces. Maybe this article will help you determine how to stop the bloat and look better in your jeans ... Read on »
Top #26 Best Ways 2 Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly~ #22 "Step Away from the Cigarettes" by islandgurl Posted Mon 30 Jul 2012 7:19pm Top #26 Best Way To Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly... #22 Step Away from the Cigarettes  Smoking causes a lot of things, a lot of no so good things as most people know, yet they'll still smoke them. This time it's not the chemicals that are causing the trouble for you, it's the motions you use while smoking each dreaded cigarette. When ... Read on »
Top #26 Best Ways 2 Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly~ #21 "Walk After Eating" by islandgurl Posted Sun 29 Jul 2012 7:36pm Top #26 Best Ways To Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly... #21 Walk After Eating Walking may be the last thing you feel like doing after a good meal, but a brief 5 minuet walk will help release any air trapped in your digestive track. If you're eating 5-6 small meals a day, a post walk is less necessary, but certainly won't hurt if you ... Read on »
Will a bloated stomach make you eat less? by Dr. Judith Wurtman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Thu 21 Oct 2010 9:39pm If you fill your stomach with a gel-like substance that swells so much that very little room is left for food, will you lose weight? Researchers at Gelesis, a Boston-based company, think so. They have been testing a polymer or hydrogel called Attiva. The substance is about the size of a sugar grain but when the grains are consumed in a capsule ... Read on »