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Tea and Comfort by Tera .. Posted Fri 04 Mar 2011 5:31pm The house is quiet. All I hear is the sound of the tv as I sit back and tune it out. I have a cup of cinnamon apple tea, warm in my hand, and the smell seduces me, causing me every so often to take a sip. It's a comfortable feeling, sitting here alone, knowing everyone is safe and sleeping gently just where they belong. I have gotten up a num ... Read on »
5 Father’s Day Gifts Filled with Heart (& create an even better relationship) by MRisa Posted Tue 12 Jun 2012 2:51pm What are you getting your dad? Another tie to add to his collection? Another hat for that box in the attic? Or that new flashy tech-gift that will lose all excitement in just a couple months? This year, try swapping some of those ancient, stereotypical gifts with something that he will truly appreciate. Use this ... Read on »
Maybe I Can Do Better… Are You a Dating & Relationship ‘Surfer’? by NML Patient Expert Posted Wed 18 Jul 2012 6:27pm Image via Juliaf SXC This past weekend while I was in New York, I got talking to a guy while waiting to go to the bathroom. He’d spotted that we were tourists because we had shopping bags before 1pm on a Saturday (OK…) and we ended up fillin ... Read on »
Contradictions: I want to date but I don’t want a relationship but I don’t want to date someone who’s casual e by NML Patient Expert Posted Mon 04 Mar 2013 3:51pm Recently, a few people have asked me for advice on a situation that typically goes as follows: “I’d really like to meet someone for dates / fun / companionship / affection / attention / sex but I’m not looking for a relationship. I like my life right now / I’m still feeling bruised by my previous relationsh ... Read on »
Should You Date Someone Who Still Lives With Their Parents? by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Mon 12 Nov 2012 9:00am Should you date a person who still lives with their parents, or should you call the date off without getting to know them? What is the right thing to do? You’ve met someone. You like them. They like you. You really hit it off. But there’s a small problem. They live at home. With their parents. And they aren’t in college anymore. Should you ... Read on »
Dating Doesn’t Equal Relationship! It’s a Discovery Phase Not a Relationship Guarantee by NML Patient Expert Posted Mon 07 Mar 2011 6:50pm I’ve been emphasising something over the past few months that I feel it’s time to revisit: Dating is a discovery phase. Use the period from when you meet whether it starts out online or in the ‘real world’ as an opportunity for you both to discover the ‘facts’ about one another and assimilate whether you want to progress…or opt out. ... Read on »
Casual Dating or Serious Relationship? How to Know For Sure… (Video) by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:27am 4 Comments When it comes to dating, different couples have different ways of managing their relationships. What is healthy ranges from one extreme to the other because really, it’s not about what is "normal," it’s about what is right for you and your partner. Some couples take it day by day while others start planning for marriage and kids down the road. ... Read on »
Can You Heal Your Relationship with Your Adult Sibling? Part 1 by CK Wilde Health Maven Posted Mon 15 Feb 2010 3:16pm By CK Wilde for 3GenFamily Blog “Dad’s been admitted to the hospital. We’re going to . . .” You and your siblings have been living your own lives for quite a while. That contentious relationship you had a children has been gone for a long time . . . or so you thought. “No. You need to wait until I get there.” In the middle of a ... Read on »
“Good Enough” vs. “Not a Good Match”: a Primer on Dating and Relationships by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Mon 07 Mar 2011 5:36pm When potential clients make initial contact, either by phone or email, they often ask, “what are your areas of speciality?” I always reply with Mood and Anxiety issues. These are both pretty generic areas of practice, but it is what it is: both my main internship and post-doctoral work were intensely focused on these issues so my confidence i ... Read on »
How Having a Child Changed My Outlook on Dating and Romantic Relationships by Sondra .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 09 Apr 2010 10:17am Now that I have a child, I look at dating and relationships much differently. Becoming a mom has changed my perspective and my choice of partners. It has also provided me with a greater understanding, and acceptance, of those I let into my heart. My son does things that cause me great frustration and I still love him something fierce. ... Read on »