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A Simple Fitness Trick to Get You In Better Shape Fast – Altitude Training by Adria A. Posted Tue 20 Nov 2012 12:00am Jessica Biel doing some altitude training on her hike If you are trying to get back into shape or in better shape, could give you the kick start you need to get your body back in shape fast!  This trick has been used by professional athletes for years, yet the general public ov ... Read on »
Want to get in shape fast? Try Interval Training by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 27 Aug 2009 5:47pm There was an interesting story on NPR about the benefits of interval training. They define interval training as any kind of activity that gets your heart rate up to about 85% of it’s maximum for a short amount of time. This can be anything such as skipping, jumping rope, sprinting, juggling really heavy things. In the [...] Read on »
how to get in shape fast now that spring is here by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Posted Thu 05 Apr 2012 10:05pm As the snow starts melting and the flowers start popping up out of the ground there is no denying that spring is here and bathing suit season is right around the corner. This is why everybody and their brother is suddenly looking for how to get in shape fast and shed all those pounds that they had packed on over the long winter months. I ... Read on »
Tummy Tuck Orange County - Get in Shape, Fast by Vishal K. Facebook Posted Tue 21 Feb 2012 6:08am     Orange County is one of the best places to live in Southern California, which is in turn one of the best places to live in the world. With its mild weather and close proximity to the beach, it is no wonder that this county is a playground for the rich and famous. But when you live amongst people of means, there can be a lot of ... Read on »
Hollywood Hunks Opting for Steroids to Shape Up Fast by Wellminded Center Posted Thu 05 Dec 2013 12:26pm Steroids satisfy a long term desire with a short term fix, plus they are very harmful to your body. What do you think about these Hollywood stars using? See More at: Read on »
Get In Shape For Summer Fast! Blast Fat With Circuit Training! by Adria A. Posted Mon 21 Jun 2010 12:00am Need to lose those love handles in a hurry?  Try circuit training!  Pick one exercise for each muscle group.  This would include the big muscle groups like Back, Chest, Shoulders and  2 Leg exercises.  Next Add in the smaller muscle groups; triceps, biceps, and abs.  Once you have that down then arra ... Read on »
How to Get Back in Shape: Scoring a Fitness Comeback by Kodjoworkout Posted Mon 29 Apr 2013 7:44am Falling off the training wagon is doomed to happen, one time or the other. The real trick here is learning how to get back with ease and efficiency. Every fitness enthusiast—from the elite to the recreational—are guilty of this. Lack of time, injury, boredom and other unwelcomed factors can take their toll on your training program, forcin ... Read on »
Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here are 5 Possible Reasons and Solutions by Kodjoworkout Posted Sun 30 Sep 2012 10:28am A common experience for many dieters is that despite all the dieting and exercising they do religiously, it does not yield the desired . Why does this happen? Apparently, for these reasons: 1. You’re eating a lot of sugar Despite following a strict diet, you might be ta ... Read on »
10 Weight Management Tips You Need to Know About by Kodjoworkout Posted Sat 16 Nov 2013 3:56pm The fall weather is settling in and people start to dust off their fur coats and sweaters. You probably think, what a perfect season to hide your stubborn belly fat, that you no longer have to reveal to the world through your summer t-shirts. Well, the good news is: yes, you can ditch all your weight ... Read on »
Weight Management and Fitness Forum 70th Edition by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 01 Aug 2010 7:11pm Welcome to the 70th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We hope you enjoy the selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other informative posts. Lauren Dzuris presents How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy posted at Lauren , saying, "Learn helpful ways you can have a healthy pregnan ... Read on »