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Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Oct 2012 9:00am Tweet Tweet The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members is now available below.   Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises In this month’s Inner Circle webinar, I review my top 5 simple little tweaks to really enhance your hip exercises.  I love ... Read on »
Hip Exercises – What You Need to Know by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Feb 2013 8:47am A lot of people tend to sympathize with the sick, elderly and the physically handicapped but being able to empathize with them is a completely different matter altogether. You have to live that person's life to truly understand what they're going through. Even if not in the physical sense but just dealing with a situation where there's ... Read on »
Hip exercise is a very important ... by Bill .. Posted Thu 14 May 2009 4:39pm Hip exercise is a very important part of pain management for anybody with arthritis in the hips. It is also probably the best way to limit the development or worsening of arthritis in all joints. Many exercises for the hips will also strengthen the knees which is important because arthritis in these joints is often linked. A person with stif ... Read on »
Hips Exercises – They don't lie, either… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Wed 05 Oct 2011 8:02am The last time I heard of Shakira was when FC Barcelona won the Champions League, and her boyfriend, Gerard Pique (a defender in the team) took the entire team to watch her perform. What a way to celebrate your win by watching Shakira in concert after your match win? (And I say this, while not even being a fan of hers…) ... Read on »
Hip Exercises: Oh, drop the Bonnie-Clyde Act… will you! by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Sep 2010 5:09am Introduction Relationships where couples can't spend one blinking moment without each other (along the lines of Siamese twins) get on my nerves. As one of my friend's exes put it, like Bonny and Clyde, which is why she is (and will continue to remain) the ex of this friend of mine. And which is what led the two notorious cr ... Read on »
Hip Exercises and Knee Pain, Shoulder Retraction, and Rehab Blogs by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Jan 2012 6:00am Tweet Tweet This week’s stuff you should read includes articles by Phil Page, David Whitely, and PT Think Tank.  Hope you guys are enjoying the 2012 Sports Rehab and Performance Teleseminar series from that started this week.  It’s not too late to sign up if you h ... Read on »
Hip and Leg Exercise for Strong Hips & Healthy Knees by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Fri 01 Mar 2013 3:34am Pulse Power: The Pigeon Pulse Exercise Are you looking for exercises to add to your workouts to help keep your hips, knees and legs healthy and strong?  Try this simple hip and leg exercise that you can do in a standing position. We typically don’t spend much time in a toe-in position, but having the mobility to turn the legs inward an ... Read on »
Pilates Exercise Tips: Healthy Hips and Hinging Exercises by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Mon 03 Jun 2013 8:45am Hinging exercises for healthy hips are an important part of Pilates training to develop healthy movement habits.  We have lots of joints that hinge – our elbows, knees, and hips are the big three, (and then lots of little finger & toe digits…) and while they’re ALL important, I believe understanding how to get a great HINGE from the Hips is cru ... Read on »
The Top 5 Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners to Prevent Injury and Improve Hip Drive by runnersconnect Posted Tue 26 Feb 2013 6:00am As we have seen in the past, hip strength is essential for a runner to maintain power and health . The hip muscles control the mechanics of your knee, so if you have insufficient hip abduction and external rotation strength, your knee is at a higher risk of injury from patellofemoral pain syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome .2 Additio ... Read on »
Hip Injury: Here is a List of Exercises to Help you Reduce Hip Pain by Kodjoworkout Posted Tue 16 Oct 2012 7:30am There’s no “good” place in the body to experience pain. But, perhaps one of the most uncomfortable areas is in your pelvis after experiencing some kind of hip injury. The symptoms can include hip swelling, stiffness or tenderness, leg numbness or weakness, bruising over the ... Read on »