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Health Time Capsule - Do Not Open Until 2112 by {lifeasa}RunningMom Posted Sun 01 Apr 2012 8:00am I embarked on The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge with WEGO Health so I will be "writing off the beaten path" and adding some variety to my traditional blog posting. I am hoping this will allow you to get to know me a bit more and inspire some creativity in how I express my fitness goals and desires with you….this month and beyond. ... Read on »
Today was my 50-minute run, and I did 2 miles in a bit less than 50 minutes by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Mar 2012 11:32pm I ran for approximately 50 minutes. I took a rest stop on the way back, and I forgot to turn my GPS back on when I resumed my running. Thus, I lost track of the time. I did, though, do 2 miles, and my time was a few minutes less than 50 minutes. The sky was overcast, and there was a slight south wind, but the temperature was in the high 50s (F), ... Read on »
Another One Mile by Zephyr Runs Posted Mon 23 May 2011 12:00am Last night Jon and I went to the Howard Middle School track again. There was a soccer game going on, and a stationary workout group. I convinced Jon to wait until 7:00pm to go, so it was cooler, breezy, and the sun was going down. Crazy boy wanted to go at 5:00pm, when it w ... Read on »
The VERY “Magic Mile” by Zaneta Posted Wed 25 Apr 2012 1:29pm I was reading some articles online about running and came across an article on Runner’s World HERE that talked about a Magic Mile… What in the world is that?!  and … why is it so magical?!  Of course I was intrigued and opened the article to read more…  Apparently, you can run a mile, as fast as you can and predict your race finishing time ... Read on »
5.5 miles…indoors! by runaroundaroo Posted Tue 30 Mar 2010 12:00am It’s been a funky week. My body parts just aren’t communicating very well! But I still got 5.5 miles in today. I was aiming for 6 but didn’t have time – I showed up at work right on time as it was! I broke my indoor miles up between the track and treadmill. It turned out something like this… Track: 0.5 miles in 5:07 Treadmill: 1 mile ... Read on »
How Many Miles Did I Run to Prepare for the Boston Marathon? by Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner Posted Mon 08 Apr 2013 6:44am I'll be running the Boston Marathon one week from today. Woah there! This training season flew by so quickly that I just wanted to take a moment to step back and see how much running I've done to prepare for this marathon. The season started out very slowly as I recovered from my injury  and went through  physical therapy  and I slowly ... Read on »
A Fast Mile by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert Posted Sat 17 Oct 2009 10:03pm Well why don’t you just make yourself at home Hissy? Hissy has in fact made herself at home, I happened upon her last night in the bathroom hanging out on the sink. A little snake charming last night, a little charming pre-run snack this morning. Why do dates look so creepy when you cut into them? And then to top it all off ... Read on »
first guest post - Why swim/bike/run 70.3 miles when you have a perfectly good car??? by meg o Posted Tue 14 Jun 2011 12:00am Hi Lovlies!  My amazing friend Erika has agreed to do a guest post about her first half ironman experience. I'll let her take the reins tonight while I go for a walk and fro yo date with Ryan :)  In case you forgot, she just did a race with me saturday Ya know, 2nd in her age group, 8th finisher big deal.  Or you should probably ... Read on »
UW-EC Indoor Track by runaroundaroo Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 12:00am This morning I got ambitious and went to check out the UW indoor track. Most of the sidewalks were either covered in snow or ice packed and I did not want to break a bone (or bruise my ego) with a fall. I also had no desire to spend another run at the Y running around their mini track. I could not do it again… I went to school at the U ... Read on »
Forrest Gump Anonymous, Season 2, Indoor Track Session 1!! by Terri O. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Dec 2009 8:02pm For those of you loyal folks out there who have been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I ran indoor track last year with my running group.  You might have been wondering “will she do it again this year, given her blogging has been really off?”  The answer is a RESOUNDING YES! For those of you who are new readers, thank you for re ... Read on »