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On Spanking and Limit-Setting and Keeping Kids Out of Traffic Already by Rational Jenn Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 19 Jun 2012 9:53am A recent Facebook thread and this post " Does spanking work? " by Michael Hurd have me thinking about spanking and discipline and parenting lately. The Facebook thread, which I won't reproduce or link to here, was a typical internet discussion about the merits of spanking and the usual arguments were offered ala "You can't reason with a two ye ... Read on »
Great ideas for making 2008 your best parenting year yet! by Cascia T. Posted Sat 01 Nov 2008 10:44pm by Sue Atkins As the clock ticked down the old year and we all awaited the arrival of a brand new 2008, I begun to wonder what all the people around me truly wished for deep down in that very quiet place where dreams, hopes and wishes really live. You know the place where we don't always reveal our true desires to others in case we sound s ... Read on »
Secretin does not work by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 01 Sep 2006 12:00am It’s been almost a year since I updated a Web page about secretin as a treatment for autism, and it deserves an update. When I originally wrote the page in the late 1990s, there had been a study suggeting that there might be beneficial effects; I was intrigued and wanted to learn about it because I thought I might use single-subject resear ... Read on »
BPA exposure in womb linked to childhood behavioral changes by Sally Kneidel Patient Expert Posted Sat 26 Dec 2009 12:00am I came across two articles recently (1.and 2. below) about an environmental contaminant, bisphenol-A, that can cause subtle behavioral changes in offspring when ingested during pregnancy. The articles reported on the same study, but chose somewhat different remarks to report from the researchers. For this study, urine samples were taken from ... Read on »
Power of Facebook and Mobile Technology to Help Drive Behavior Change by Barbara Ficarra Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Wed 30 Nov 2011 5:04pm By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA Numera Social Webinar: “Harness the Power of Facebook and iPhone Apps in Your Health & Wellness Programs” Facebook has more than 800 million active users and the average user has 130 friends.  There are more than 350 million active users who currently access Facebook through their ... Read on »
Small Behavioral Changes Could be an Early Sign of Alzheimer's (Dementia) by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:34pm Looking back, there is little doubt in my mind that if I had had the proper education or information I would have realized my mother was suffering from dementia sooner. Most people like me tend to ignore the symptoms at first believing they are simply signs of "old age". Anyone who ends up in my shoes knows and understands that a person in t ... Read on »
Modeling seasonal behavior changes and disease transmission with application to chronic wasting disease by Terry S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 31 Dec 2013 2:39pm Modeling seasonal behavior changes and disease transmission with application to chronic wasting disease   Tamer Orabya, Corresponding author contact information E-mail the corresponding author, Olga Vasilyevab, Daniel Krewskia, c, Frithjof Lutscherb a McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa, O ... Read on »
Behavior Change by Jason Schwartz, LMSW Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 12 Apr 2011 9:20pm by Jeremy Brooks Behavior change and motivation to change are interesting to me.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the likelihood that someone “gets it” (hope) while they are in treatment or detox and starts to take action.  When all of the stars line up it is a beautiful and rewarding thing to witness and be pa ... Read on »
BPA Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to Behavior Changes in Toddlers by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Wed 18 Nov 2009 10:05pm Bisphenol-A (BPA) has already been linked to loads of problems, but now scientists ask, is it making our kids mean, too? The latest research links BPA exposure during early pregnancy with behavior changes in two-year-old girls and boys. According to the study published in the October issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, the ... Read on »
Behavior Changes Require Drastic Action by Dr. Rory S. Doctor of PsychologyHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 5:07pm Working with children and families affected by ADHD has taught me many things.  But one of the most common themes, amongst my clients, is the desire for change.  They all want something to be different in their lives…  They are looking for support and guidance to help their child (spouse, partner, sibling, etc…) get the support they need in life. ... Read on »