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Senators Holding Closed Door Sessions Discussing 3 health-insurance plans – Why Are the Doors Closed? by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 09 May 2009 10:41pm Here we go once more, a Congress discussing health care for consumers that has not one clue and offers not one role model on how to take care of your health and has no clue on Health IT, it’s value and how it should be used.  Now we are adding on risk management with health insurance and the mess gets bigger, as risk management is only intereste ... Read on »
Door-to-door salespeople by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:51am A short while ago, one of the commenters on a November 6 posting on union organizing said: "Your argument that your meetings are evened out by home visits is likewise unconvincing. In case you haven't noticed, the door-to-door salesman is extinct. Why? Because Americans dislike having somebody knock on their door to talk to us about just abou ... Read on »
Door to Door Magazine Solicitors by Esa .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 9:29pm Yesterday afternoon, I was in my office and H was upstairs doing her homework and the doorbell rang. I looked out and there was a young man standing there, no car visible anywhere, and I didn't recognize him, so we didn't answer the door. I watched him walk away from our house, up the street and into the neighbor's driveway to ring their door ... Read on »
When is a door not a door? by Maddy M. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 9:41pm When it’s ajar! It wasn’t part of the original plan. The original plan was to spend my nearly two hours free of children, doing something therapeutic but pointless, such as throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel. Instead I’m doing something constructive, cleaning the refrigerator. A little unexpected admittedly but it’s always better t ... Read on »
Doors Close, Doors Open by Molly M. Physical Therapist Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 9:35pm I am closing Slainte Physical Therapy. It is one of those happy/sad/scary/exciting decisions. The catalyst for all of this change has been the need to spend more time with my family, all the way on the other side of the country. There has been a lot of upheaval during this process - and I have a lot of people to thank for their support. Fra ... Read on »
Door To Door by Corry C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 16 Jul 2009 11:05pm I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for our friends having to ship all their possessions overseas. It prompted the thoughts what all was involved in moving and the consideration of us relocating, not that we have any intent to, sent shivers down my spine. Hiring moving companies is quite a costly business and renting a truck oft ... Read on »
Door to Door Organics by Fitzalan Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 6:48pm I have been looking to join a co-op for the past year or so and despite all my research and attempts, it just was not feasible near my house.  Either their schedules did not fit mine, the cost was too high or the bounty too much for a 2 person household.  I do not even remember how or why I decided to take my search out to the Internet to fin ... Read on »
Local, Organic Produce for the Lazy: Door to Door Organics by Nutritionista Posted Mon 01 Feb 2010 6:46am Before you guys get offended by the title of this post, know that “lazy” is mostly in reference to myself. I admit, in the winter, the idea of getting up early on a Saturday morning to go to my local farmer’s market is pretty unappealing. I also don’t like making five stops each time I go grocery shopping. There has to be a better way to ... Read on »
Review: Door to Door Organics (aka Organic Produce for the Lazy) by Nutritionista Posted Fri 19 Feb 2010 11:04am This past Tuesday, my sis and I got our first delivery from Door to Door Organics. Here’s what came in our “Bitty Box” (for $23): 3 ea. Murcott Tangerines 2 ea. Navel Oranges 1 ea. Meyer Lemons 1 ea. Spinach 2 ea. Gala Apples 1 lb Potatoes 2 ea. Fuji Apples 1 ea. Romaine Lettuce 2 ea. Cucumbers 1 ea. Broccoli We also had t ... Read on »
Metro Doors Aren't Like Elevator Doors by amyella Posted Wed 25 Nov 2009 12:00am If you've never ridden on the DC Metro let me give you a little tip: the doors on the metro are not like elevator doors. In fact, there's even a pleasant woman's voice recorded and looped in the metro to let you know. If you try to race into a metro car as the doors are closing and your purse, child, hand, luggage, stroller etc gets caught on ... Read on »