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B. Braun Voluntarily Recalls Seven Lots of Heparin Manufactured in 2008 Due to Supplier-Initiated Recall of Heparin Active Pharm by FDA Posted Fri 29 Oct 2010 10:59am No adverse events reported and no detectable contaminate found in testing of API or finished product Customer Support: 800.227.2862 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OCT. 27, 2010 - Irvine, CA - B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) was recently notified by its supplier, Scientific Protein Laboratories LLC (SPL), of a nationwi ... Read on »
Heparin: Drug Safety Communication - Important change to heparin container labels to clearly state the total drug strength by FDA Posted Thu 06 Dec 2012 2:15pm [Posted 12/06/2012] AUDIENCE: Health Professionals, Patients, Home Care ISSUE: FDA is notifying health care professionals, caregivers, and patients about a change to the container and carton labels for heparin products. This label change will require manufacturers of Heparin Lock Flush Solution, USP and Heparin S ... Read on »
With Heparin on Dialysis, you need to strike a balance by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 26 Apr 2012 1:56pm First off, why do we use heparin during dialysis? During dialysis, as you might be aware, the blood goes out of the body to be filtered through the artificial kidney. Now let us move away from dialysis for a bit and think about what happens to your blood when you get cut and blood oozes out? It clots soon enough, right? This is an inheren ... Read on »
Heparin Blood Thinner Linked To Sudden Death - Ingredients Imported from China by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 4:37pm Here's the recipe for Big Pharma working with the FDA: Deadly chemicals, Zero genuine safety standards, Zero good science, Zero restrictions on direct-to-consumer advertising and Zero restrictions on how such drugs can be prescribed. The popular blood thinning drug Heparin was voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer (Baxter) after hu ... Read on »
2 Year Old Child Over Dosed with Heparin Pronounced Dead At Nebraska Medical Center – Call for Dennis Quaid by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 05 Apr 2010 10:58am Heparin and safety still needs to be monitored for safety.  In case you missed what happened to Dennis Quaid and his wife, here’s a couple links to refresh.  Quaid's Twins Got 2,000X Dosage: Probe The hospital is investigating to find out the entire story on how the error happened with the transplant surgery.  This is sad to get ... Read on »
FDA Heparin Investigation In Conjunction with Chinese Officials Strained and A Lot of Unfinished Business And No Technology Adva by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 22 Jul 2010 1:58pm Back in November of 2008 with the initial visits to China by former FDA Commissioner von Eschenbach and former HHS Secretary Leavitt was kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the first US FDA Office in China.  First US FDA office unveiled in Beijing This was a major issue with contaminated heparin shipped to the US fro ... Read on »
B. Braun Recalls Seven Lots of Heparin–Potential Contamination–FDA States Not a Signification Public Health Threat by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 30 Oct 2010 1:58pm W are back again to the concern of the raw material – pig intestines – from China with a substance added to stretch heparin and this article states it is due to the changes in the Chinese pig population?  What’s going on with those Chinese pigs? Scientific Protein, is the company supplying the active ingredient and was the same company in ... Read on »
FDA Collaboration From a Drug Company Leads to Legal Suit and Questions of Compromised Integrity-Tainted Heparin by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 14 Nov 2010 11:01am Amphastar Pharmaceuticals filed a lawsuit against the FDA in this area that goes back to the block on imports of heparin, and thus was not able to bring a generic equivalent to market.  Momenta Pharmaceuticals donated time and effort to help the FDA and thus won first approval.  We all remember the tainted heparin issues on the compound coming ... Read on »
Baxter Loses the First Contaminated Heparin Lawsuit–“The Cheap Stuff” As It Was Called In Internal Documents P by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 15 Jun 2011 9:21pm The words, “the cheap stuff” was a term that came from Baxter’s own internal records and I’m assuming it could have been emails or other reports that brought about the term maybe from a marketing area.  You can read the article below where I suggested a couple of years ago to have reports electronically sent from factories to the FDA to indica ... Read on »
FDA Finds 14 Additional Chinese Companies That Supplied Contaminated Raw Materials Used to Make Heparin And Puts Out Alert ̵ by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Feb 2012 5:45pm We all remember the Baxter incident from a few years ago.  The FDA has put out a warning list with additional companies listed and they did not know or state if they were current distributors of the raw material that makes the blood thinning drug.  Back in October of 2010 it was back in the news again with another recall.  We need mor ... Read on »