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The Workout Routine that Got Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) so Ripped by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Sat 15 Jun 2013 8:45am Good morning and Happy Saturday! Some of you by now have seen the new Man of Steel Movie! My friend Michael over at Strength Stack 52 got to see it early and wrote a post on how Henry Cavill got ripped for the movie. Here we go. Enjoy! Get ULTRA RIPPED with the MAN OF STEEL Workout I was fortunate enough to be invited to th ... Read on »
The Henry Cavill Workout Routine: Here’s The Secret to His Chiseled Body by Kodjoworkout Posted Wed 01 May 2013 8:51pm If you’re old enough, chances are you’ve seen Christopher Reeve play Men of Steel in the 1980’s. If not, you’ve probably managed to see Brandon Routh in Superman Returns without falling asleep…Well, now it’s Henry Cavill’s turn – the guy from The Immortals who’s adding a whole new meaning to chiseled body. Looking at Henry now, it’s proba ... Read on »
OK you asked for it AbFitt is my H.I.G.T workout. by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 20 Jul 2010 9:45am This is my H.I.G.T workout, you will perform this routine 3 days per week with one day in between. On those off days you will need to perform only 30 min of cardio vascular training, IE: running, jump rope, etc etc. This is more advanced however, you have built yourself up for this and should be ready. OUR GOAL: build new lean tissue, t ... Read on »
Loving H.I.I.T. Workouts! by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Tue 29 May 2012 6:25am Hello and Happy Tuesday! Everyone ready to go back to work today? It has been a fabulous long weekend, but time to get back at it. Yesterday we had a cookout at my friend A’s house. Hot dogs, baked beans, strawberries, and much more. Check out my plates: Yummy Goodness Red, White, & Blue Dessert Here is my favo ... Read on »
12 Minute H.I.I.T. Elliptical Workout by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Wed 03 Oct 2012 6:18am Good morning and Happy Hump Day! First things first, I want to wish my friend A a very Happy Birthday! I look forward to seeing her tonight at her birthday dinner. Here we are at Cinco De Mayo a couple of years ago: So, I can tell you that hair color and iPads don’t mix. Check out what happened yesterday: I guess I ... Read on »
H.I.I.T. Workout by hers0108 Posted Wed 05 Oct 2011 1:14pm I am absolutely loving your Inspirational responses to my Giveaway Post . If you have not yet entered, you still have a few more days! Today I did a killer HIIT workout at the gym. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a form of cardio that involves cycles of high intensity bursts and low to moderate intensity reco ... Read on »
Hear this: You can’t get H1N1 from pigskin. But high-intensity workouts may be another story. by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 15 Sep 2009 8:57pm My seasonal college football fanaticism is under way. And one of the first news makers of the young season this past week was the University of Wisconsin football team having to cope with 40 players being hit with H1N1. Wow. They barely got by Fresno State. I’m sure we will hear something wacky pretty soon about pigskin linked to swine flu. Plea ... Read on »
How to give workouts purpose & vision by discovering your W.H.Y. by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 04 Aug 2011 4:05am Thanks so much to Joyce , the Moore than Fitness Coach for this guest post Picture this…Sicily 1932…(couldn’t help it…I’m a Golden Girls fan)…Seriously, picture this… It’s April 15th and the first hint of spring has hit the air. The sun is shining and the flowers are starting to peek out of their buds. After months of cold weather y ... Read on »
Heidi Klum . . . WOW! This red h... by Shelley .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 14 Sep 2008 2:55pm Heidi Klum . . . WOW! This red hot babe has graced the world’s most prestigious runways and there’s not stopping her yet. Arguably the most famous member of the Victoria Secret Angels, Heidi is a wife and mother of 3 children - YES THREE! So lets have a look at how Heidi Klum gets those measurements. heidi klum measurements German Heidi ... Read on »
Soldier of Steel Transformational Workout Plan Developed by MAN OF STEEL™ Trainer by Marissa V. Posted Tue 18 Jun 2013 10:58pm The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel  David has been trying to get me to the theater to see MAN OF STEEL™ and I have to admit, until last week’s Spartan Race I wasn’t very interested. But now a movie like that takes on new meaning to me. Like I said in my Spartan Race Recap , the ... Read on »