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Henoch-Schonlein purpura: the disease you never really learned about by pathologystudent Posted Mon 21 May 2012 1:33am Sometimes in pathology, you hear the name of a disease over and over, but somehow you never really learn about it. So it was for me with Henoch-Schonlein purpura. I knew that some vasculitides resembled the lesions of Henoch-Schonlein purpura, and I knew it had something to do with IgA – but the disease itself eluded me. So, for those o ... Read on »
If there are 22,000 illness’s in this world I should technically be thankful even if I had just ten of them. by Lexie Posted Wed 18 Jan 2012 8:11pm Here are just the psychiatrist disorders we have discovered. For full affect, scroll quickly with head tilted back and eyes widened to incredibly height. A few gasps here and there would be helpful. Anxiety Disorders 309.9 Adjustment Disorder Unspecified Adjustment Disorders 309.24 Adj ... Read on »
The Why ME Syndome by livingdaytodaywithmultiplesclerosis Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Thu 23 Jul 2009 9:36pm "WHY ME SYNDROME" When I was first diagnosed I went through a very long phase and I call it the "Why Me Syndrome" I could not figure out why out of my very large family, was I the one chosen for this disease? My family even said the same thing. No...Actually they said..."You can't have MS", or "Where did you get it from" or best yest..."Nobody ... Read on »
List of Autoimmune Diseases by Lauren Posted Wed 10 Mar 2010 7:00am “…one in twelve Americans -and one in nine women -will develop an autoimmune disorder.” - from The Autoimmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa There are over 100 Autoimmune Diseases and counting.  We also consider Autoimmune-related illnesses when we look at a list like this -meaning diseases that usually overlap or occur along with a ... Read on »
HIV lepers, and the culling of toddlers by Boards Medics Posted Thu 30 Oct 2008 3:30pm Posted by Dr. Thunder: I was doing a cheeky locum shift today. The NHS has made lots of junior doctors unemployed in the UK, in order to save money. This has resulted in there not being enough junior doctors left to staff hospitals. So they hire existing staff to work locum shifts, at extortionate rates. This makes it more expensive to sta ... Read on »
Types and Signs of Arthritis by Jan Posted Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:57pm There are over 100 types of Arthritis Achilles tendinitis Achondroplasia Acromegalic arthropathy Adhesive capsulitis Adult onset Still's disease Ankylosing spondylitis Anserine bursitis Arthritis of Ulcerative colitis Avascular necrosis Behcet's syndrome Bicipital tendonitis Blount's di ... Read on »
List of Diseases Which Recur Following Renal Transplant by Matt S. Posted Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:00am Nearly any primary glomerulopathy has the possibility of recurring following a kidney transplant; however, the frequency and severity with which this occurs varies to a large degree.  For instance, evidence of mesangial IgA deposition can be seen in the majority of kidney transplant patients with a prior diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy; however, ... Read on »
Haas System of Classification for IgA Nephropathy by Matt S. Posted Sun 28 Dec 2008 12:00am We are all relatively familiar with the WHO classification system for lupus nephritis, which gives nephrologists a relatively good idea of renal prognosis based on the histologic findings of renal biopsy. A similar type of system has been developed for IgA Nephropathy known as the Haas system of classification for IgA Nephropathy. ... Read on »
Is Your Disease on the RARE List™ – If So, More Bad News! by Chris H. Posted Mon 06 Feb 2012 3:01pm I wonder if people truly understand what it means if their rare disease or disorder is on the RARE List™? Last week, the R.A.R.E. Project and  Global Genes Project , leading patient advocacy organizations representing the rare disease community, issued the RARE List™ , a stunning 65 page ... Read on »
A simple summary of glomerulonephritis by pathologystudent Posted Tue 29 Jan 2013 2:38pm I’ve had a lot of emails about glomerulonephritis lately. Most people seem to want help simplifying the mechanisms and types of glomerular diseases (this section in Robbins is looooong). So that’s what this post is about: a short (well, sort of), simplified explanation of glomerular diseases. Before we launch into the different kind ... Read on »