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Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Week by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:41pm As everyone by now knows, Aiden was born with a few significant heart defects. Aiden was born with both an A/V Canal Defect and Tetralogy of Fallot, complicated with hypo-plasia of the right ventricle. The 2nd anniversary of Aiden's open heart surgery (or Happy Heart Day) is coming up on February 15 - the day after Valentine's Day. This w ... Read on »
I am not a rat. I am a stroke survivor that had a congenital heart defect called PFO (patent foramen ovale) and I fought like he by David D. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 09 Jul 2010 8:39pm by David Dansereau for Life after a stroke can be like living with a ticking time bomb.  The reality is that a second, possibly fatal stroke can very well follow the first.  In 2006, I survived a second stroke and shortly thereafter I vowed to make that one my last.  I researched all my treatment options, and as it turns out ... Read on »
Common congenital heart defects by pathologystudent Posted Tue 20 Oct 2009 10:04pm Congenital heart diseases are abnormalities of the heart and/or great vessels present at birth. They are not all that uncommon: 1% of live births in this country has a congenital heart defect! The clinical spectrum is broad. Some congenital heart diseases cause death in the perinatal period; others are so mild that there are only minimal symp ... Read on »
Congenital Heart Defects by chdbabies Posted Mon 12 Oct 2009 5:42pm I am a Heart Mommy to a beautiful baby girl Chloe. She was born last fall with a rare congenital heart defect (CHD). I never knew anything about CHDs before she was born.  I now spend my days taking care of Chloe and my nights raising awareness about America's #1 Birth Defect - Congenital Heart Defects. Kell ... Read on »
Congenital Heart Defects by Susan May Patient Expert Posted Sun 16 Jan 2011 7:04pm Congenital Heart Defects January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month. Congenital heart defects, one of the most common types of birth defects, affect nearly 1% of all infants born in the US. Learn more. Understanding Congenital Heart Defects Congenital heart defects are conditions present at birth that affect the structu ... Read on »
Deaths from Congenital Heart Defects on the Decline by Medline Plus Posted Mon 22 Nov 2010 4:00pm CDC study finds fatalities linked to these conditions dropped by nearly a quarter over 10 years By Robert Preidt Monday, November 22, 2010 MONDAY, Nov. 22 (HealthDay News) -- Deaths from congenital heart defects in the United States fell 24 percent from 1999 to 2006, continuing a d ... Read on »
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week by jessmith Posted Thu 13 Aug 2009 7:53pm February 7-14, 2008 has been proclaimed by Governor Christine Gregoire as "Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week" in Washington State. Why bring awareness to this issue? Here are some surprising facts about the prevalence of congenital heart defects: CHD is the most common birth defect, and is the leading cause of birth-defect related dea ... Read on »
Congenital Heart-Defect Risk Goes up With Severity of Maternal Obesity: Population Study by Poh Tin Tan Posted Mon 12 Apr 2010 12:00am From Heartwire Steve Stiles April 12, 2010 (Bethesda, Maryland) — The risk of obese women bearing children with congenital heart defects climbs with increasing maternal body-mass index (BMI); this applies to such defects in general but also for many in particular, suggests a population-based case-control study from New York. The jump in ... Read on »
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week by GabriellasHeart Posted Mon 07 Feb 2011 12:21pm This week spotlights the need for awareness and increased funding for research for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD's). Did you know that it was CHD week? Probably not... because awareness for this #1 cause of death in infants is not widely advertised. Our Family in March 2010- From Portraits Every year 40,000 babies are born with a ... Read on »
Congenital Heart Defect Advances Webinar series: From Screens to Teens and Beyond by Susan May Patient Expert Posted Mon 16 Sep 2013 10:24pm The American Academy of Pediatrics is pleased to announce a new Webinar series—Congenital Heart Defect Advances: From Screens to Teens and Beyond. The 3-part series covers advances in both the science and care management of young patients with a congenital heart defect and tackles questions about newborn screening, care transition for older you ... Read on »