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Video Hearings vs. Traditional Disability Hearings: Why Video Hearings Might Be Your Best Bet by Jonathan G. Patient Expert Posted Mon 12 Apr 2010 4:38pm In previous posts, I have discussed at length what actually happens at a Social Security Disability hearing . However, I have failed to discuss the topic of video hearings (i.e. teleconference hearings via satellite), which are occurring more and more frequently these days as part of the SSA's overall plan to reduce the Social Security Disabil ... Read on »
Signs of Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Hearing Implants - by Hear World Communications Posted Thu 27 Jan 2011 6:33am Hearing loss affects one in ten Americans. It affects them in a variety of ways. Over time, it can lead to anxiety, depression, isolation, and decline in career performance. In children, it can result in what appears to be behavioral problems and lack of social and academic performance. By leaving hearing loss untreated, a physical condition may ... Read on »
Hear hear! Hearing loss problems and why you should look after your ears by Steve C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 21 Oct 2011 6:31am Most people take their ability to hear for granted, it’s not until someone starts to lose their hearing that they realise what they have lost. Modern hearing aids do an excellent job of helping those with hearing loss to hear better. But a hearing aid cannot give you back the perfect hearing that you had when you were young, it can only ... Read on »
Digital Hearing Aids Perth Provides The Best Hearing Solutions by traval Posted Thu 27 Jun 2013 7:46am If you have hearing problem, digital hearing aids Perth can help you solve your problem. You can benefit from wearing hearing aids since you can have the chance to hear and communicate better. There are several companies in Perth offering hearing aid services. One of these leading hearing health care providers is Western Hearing Services. This co ... Read on »
Do You Hear What I Hear? by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 6:27pm The answer to that question is "NO". Little Boy went to a hearing screening yesterday. It did not go well, but the results were what I expected. Aiden has so much fluid built up in his ear canals that he hears only muffled sounds in his right ear. In his left ear, 80 decibles didn't even register. So, Monday when we meet with new Dr. ... Read on »
Using a related look for the hearing covering up headsets with Cheap beats by Dre by bunnywang Posted Wed 04 Jul 2012 5:47am The actual PFE (Great Fit Earphone) is truly a really successfully well-balanced sound in-ear check earphone together with extraordinary sectors involving convenience along with a easy suit, actually regarding scaled-down ear. Merely devote a number of instances to help thinking of the actual destinations where by everyone tune in to song plus th ... Read on »
To hear or not to hear that is the question by momvocateT18 Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:06pm Alyssa had an unsedated ABR hearing exam recently. This is what it looks like...the third visit was the charm; she slept like an old lady! Alyssa had moderate hearing loss, however this may change in time as she has very small ear canals. The loss isn't a major issue now as she hears us well because we're generally in close proximty of her. We'll ... Read on »
Hearing Loss, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Products & Devices for Deaf by Hear World Communications Posted Sat 20 Nov 2010 11:04am Hearing Loss which is also known as "deafness", "hearing impairment "is the condition in which a human is unable to hear or detect the sound. It can be fully and partial both. Hearing Loss can be measured according to the frequency of sound such as mild, profound, moderate or severe. It is measured in DB. Conductive, Sensor, Mixed and central ... Read on »
Hear, hear by joy lucas Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 4:37pm HEARING ILLUSIONS Nearly every remedy will have some kind of noise or sound within the ear - the stranger it is the easier it is to repertorise. It is important to cross reference with noises in the ear. Some of these illusions might be 'felt' within other parts of the body or mind and contribute to the essence of the whole symptom picture. He ... Read on »
SoundBite™ Hearing System Gets European CE Mark–Wireless Hearing Aid That Attaches to Your Teeth by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 16 Mar 2011 11:20am So far in the US, no FDA approval yet.  This is an interesting device as there are 2 parts, one behind the ear and one that goes in your mouth. I first covered the product last year.  Technology is getting very interesting and I’m not sure if I were in need if I would want this system or the Cochlear implant to kind of be done wit ... Read on »