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Healthy recipes: Looking for healthy recipes? look no more.. by Mary .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 05 May 2010 11:18pm Bringing up a healthy family Looking at good places to go for easy to follow family recipes and lots of valuable healthy eating advice plus quality tips for cooking better healthy meals. There is a lot of information out there that you can choose from start at goodtoknow, they have put together thousands of recipes for you to choose from ... Read on »
A Simple Healthy Recipe for Beef Fajitas with Seeded Nacho Chips by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Fri 11 Oct 2013 10:03pm I always say…no deprivation. That’s what diets are for and I don’t teach diets. I teach real, living, authentic whole foods, for real people living real lives. And that is exactly what this healthy recipe is all about today! This healthy recipe takes the flavors, aromas and textures of a favorite, feel good, festive food…beef fajitas…and ... Read on »
Top 35 Healthy Recipes for the New Year by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 02 Jan 2014 5:45am Friends! A new year is upon us! I hope everyone had a great holiday. We originally had planned to get a fancy schmancy hotel room in the city and go out to a fun dinner but I ended up feeling really exhausted after a two day holiday travel adventure {cancelled flights, rerouting, random hotels in random states…} that we decided ... Read on »
Three Bean Salad Recipe | Healthy Recipes and Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:21pm 1 Comment This Italian version of the classic Three Bean Salad Recipe uses cannellini beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans to make a high-protein, high-fiber and low-fat cold bean salad with an extra healthy twist. 3-Bean Salad is a staple of American potlucks and picnics. A breeze to assemble, portable and easy to make ahead and keep in the refrigera ... Read on »
Salmon Patties Recipe | Healthy Recipes & Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 23 Nov 2008 7:57pm 1 Comment A salmon pattie recipe made extra-healthy without sacrificing flavor … and it’s even lightly fried! Whenever I sing the praises of my salmon patties recipe, people who have never had a salmon patty always seem surprised that salmon can be “pattied.” After-all, isn’t salmon something you eat filleted on a cedar plank? They also get that same w ... Read on »
Quinoa Couscous Salad Recipe | Healthy Recipes by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:21pm 1 Comment This couscous salad recipe uses the ancient super-grain Quinoa to make a cool, fluffy, high-protein, low-fat dish perfect for the summer months. Couscous is one of my favorite summer dishes — loaded with fresh vegetables like cucumbers, red onion and tomatoes — and lean protein from chicken breast, it’s a quick, easy and healthy main course or ... Read on »
Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe | Healthy Recipes and Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 3:46pm This Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe Has All The Great Flavor of a Traditional Tortilla Soup While Still Managing To Be Good For You! Mexican food doesn’t have a reputation as a “health food” — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take tortilla soup recipes, for example. While many restaurant tortilla soups are loaded with fat and sodi ... Read on »
Black Beans and Egg Breakfast Bowl Recipe | Healthy Recipes & Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 4:33pm Breakfast and Black Beans? Check Out This Protein-Packed, High-Fiber and Low-Fat Breakfast Recipe That Takes Less Than Five Minutes To Prepare.  Unless you’re from Latin America, Mexico or Spain, beans and breakfast aren’t normally two things you associate together. But maybe you should — especially if your usual breakfast routine is gettin ... Read on »
Your Healthy Cooking For One Recipe Featured! by Mari M. Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Sep 2009 11:46am TODAYS’S UPDATE: Your Healthy Cooking For One Recipe Featured! Dear Friends: Most of you know that we’ve been slowly working towards launching a food membership website dedicated to EASY healthy meal-planning with accompanying recipes “for ONE” (yes that would be YOU!) called  So many of you expre ... Read on »