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Easy and Healthy Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe by alexwill Posted Mon 16 Jan 2012 3:13pm dit Y’all should know by now that soups are one of my favorite things to cook. They are quick, simple and healthy. I love it! The latest one I made was  Mexican Chicken- Tortilla soup. It was ridiculously simple and really flavorful.   2  whole small chicken breasts (about 1-1/2 pounds total) ( I used boneless, skinless chi ... Read on »
Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe | Healthy Recipes and Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 3:46pm This Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe Has All The Great Flavor of a Traditional Tortilla Soup While Still Managing To Be Good For You! Mexican food doesn’t have a reputation as a “health food” — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take tortilla soup recipes, for example. While many restaurant tortilla soups are loaded with fat and sodi ... Read on »
Black Beans and Egg Breakfast Bowl Recipe | Healthy Recipes & Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 4:33pm Breakfast and Black Beans? Check Out This Protein-Packed, High-Fiber and Low-Fat Breakfast Recipe That Takes Less Than Five Minutes To Prepare.  Unless you’re from Latin America, Mexico or Spain, beans and breakfast aren’t normally two things you associate together. But maybe you should — especially if your usual breakfast routine is gettin ... Read on »
Three Bean Salad Recipe | Healthy Recipes and Snacks by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:21pm 1 Comment This Italian version of the classic Three Bean Salad Recipe uses cannellini beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans to make a high-protein, high-fiber and low-fat cold bean salad with an extra healthy twist. 3-Bean Salad is a staple of American potlucks and picnics. A breeze to assemble, portable and easy to make ahead and keep in the refrigera ... Read on »
Vegan Mexican Pizza by SoulSearchingVegan Health MavenFacebook Posted Tue 26 Apr 2011 11:00pm What a weekend, it could not have been any more perfect! Bridal shower, bachelorette party, early mornings, late nights, vegan cakes, dancing, and lots of driving, needless to day, I am a little bit sluggish today. But like I always say, nothing a couple big doses of  green smoothie  and lots of water can’t fix right up! I was talkin ... Read on »
Skinny Taco Salad: Healthy Mexican Food by Easy Skinny Life Posted Sat 10 Sep 2011 6:17pm It’s Saturday night, and I was *really* craving a large Mexican meal with smooth guacamole, along with some salty, crunchy taco shells.  Instead of heading to the local Mexican joint for its Taco Salad or another main entrée filled with 1500-2000 calories and way too much sodium, I quickly created my own Skinny Taco Salad version and enjoyed ev ... Read on »
Slim & Healthy Ground Beef Enchilada Casserole by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 25 Nov 2011 6:43pm Here’s a healthy ground beef recipe that’s sure to please the entire family. It does mine. It’s a lighter healthier take on a a recipe called Family Burrito Bake from the  Cookbook. Because it’s made with corn tortillas – not flour – this quick & easy healthy dish is really a ground beef enchilada casserole or Mexican lasagna. ... Read on »