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Healthy Eating Habits Programmed During Infancy by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Tue 19 Jul 2011 12:00am Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic. A new study proposes that our earliest eating experiences establish dietary habits for the rest of our lives. If we eat healthy, “complex” foods in infancy, these tastes become programmed as our favorite flavors for our whole lives.  One m ... Read on »
The Best Fitness Programs and Healthy Eating eBooks by sensualappeal Posted Fri 16 Aug 2013 9:10am Here are some cool programs and stuff I’ve either tried or have heard are great from other people. As you know, I do best when I have a specific fitness plan outlined. I tend to get lazy and slack a lot more when I don’t have a plan where I know what I’m supposed to be doing each day and what goals I am reaching towards. Is this you ... Read on »
Can You Afford to Eat Right? by greenthickies Posted Thu 12 Jun 2014 9:28am There may be one reason why many Americans aren’t eating healthy that has nothing to do with will power or flavor: it’s too expensive. Millions of Americans simply can’t afford to eat healthy, according to researchers at the University of Washington in the first study of its kind. They compared prices of healthy foods (rich in nutr ... Read on »
Healthy Eating, Sustainability & Farmers’ Markets by Dan Dunlop Patient Expert Posted Tue 05 Jun 2012 7:01am In the past I’ve written about hospitals hosting farmers’ markets – . One of my passions is what I call the healthy hospital movement – where hospitals take steps to create healthy environments for employees, visitors and patients. This can include facilities design, smoking cessation programs, and the introduction ... Read on »
Restaurant nutrition under att ... by John R. Posted Fri 11 Feb 2011 3:50am Restaurant nutrition under attack from Mrs. Obama What makes Mrs Obama an authority on nutrition? Does going to bed with the President give an automatic transfusion of wisdom? After wrapping her arms around the retail giant Wal-Mart and trying to cajole food makers into producing nutrition labels that are easier to understand, Michelle O ... Read on »
My Favourite Healthy Cookbooks {Giveaway} by eatspinrunrpt Posted Mon 10 Jun 2013 4:30am Had I decided not to call this blog Eat Spin Run Repeat, there are a number of other names that would have been equally as fitting: Running on Carrots (because I eat more carrots than anyone else you know – trust me, even more than your most carrot-loving friend) 365 Days of Salads (because I really do eat at least 1 salad every day) ... Read on »
Is Your Hospital Developing a Healthy Workforce? by Dan Dunlop Patient Expert Posted Fri 11 May 2012 6:58am For me, this is a rare story because it it combines two of my firm’s clients: NC Prevention Partners and Vidant Health. NC Prevention Partners is a leader within the healthcare industry in reducing preventable illness and early death caused by tobacco use, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. They’ve worked successfully with North Carolina ... Read on »
Zoe Finch Totten’s Campaign to Promote Healthy Living to Corporate America by Dan Dunlop Patient Expert Posted Tue 01 Jun 2010 1:26pm My health conscious wife recently pointed me in the direction of an article about public health in the latest Fast Company. She knew I would be interested in the piece. The story is about a female entrepreneur, Zoe Finch Totten, who founded an organization called The Full Yield – . The Full Yield is working with Co ... Read on »
What is Normal Eating? by RunningForDummies Posted Sat 30 Mar 2013 12:27am Here I am again. I am in the place that I always seem to end up. I got off track for one reason or another, this time it is the development of possibly exercise-induced asthma, or exercise-induced reflux (not sure), but more on that later. When I get off-track with exercising, I almost always get off-track nutritionally. It is that all-or ... Read on »
Why can’t I find the best weight loss program for me? by The Naturally You Coach Facebook Posted Mon 12 Jul 2010 12:00am I was just wondering the other day, how to get people to understand what the best weight loss program for them is. So many people desperately want to lose weight, and can’t understand why diet after diet just doesn’t seem to do the job. Or it does, but only for a while. Or it does, but they feel lousy while they’re on it. For people who have ... Read on »