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Pulled Chicken Thigh (or meat of choice) Tacos with Sweet Chili Slaw by Doug Wallace Posted Sun 03 Nov 2013 1:10am As I always mention with bread/grains and meat recipes, I have an army of nutrients such as papaya enzymes (I make my own capsules), which help digest gluten, meat and everything else, (I pop one or two in my mouth during or after a meal), as well as chlorella, which pulls toxins from the body, and a host of others I talk about in the ... Read on »
Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms: 101 Stories Celebrating the Power of Choice for Stay at Home and Work from H by Amanda Patient Expert Posted Sat 09 May 2009 10:09pm Jack Canfield has done it once again and this time, it’s all about stay at home/work from home moms! Even though we need no validation on our choices, this book helps validate the reasons and/or opportunity to be able to stay home and raise your children. After reading all 101 stores, it made me wish that I was able to stay home with my three c ... Read on »
Thai Chicken Pizza, an inspired choice! by Leah S. Posted Wed 20 Apr 2011 4:15pm A pizza crust is a blank canvas with plenty of possibilities and I like to sneak veggies onto my blank pizza canvas.  Thai Chicken Pizza is one of my husband's top meal requests---even with shredded carrots in plain sight! The use of a commercial peanut sauce makes this a very easy and non-intimidating meal.  Someday, I'd like ... Read on »
Coffee Reading With Marta by Marta M. Posted Thu 05 Jan 2012 8:20pm Having just ended the most wonderful and hectic time of the year, I’m sure that it was hard to keep up with the news, tips and advice on fitness, diet and health. Don’t worry! Here you have some of the best info that you don’t want to miss, including the best exercises to do in your 20s, 30s and 40s; a healthy and easy to make granola; and ho ... Read on »
Dinner Delight by Lauren R. Posted Mon 18 Jan 2010 12:00am Work was seriously slow today. Good for me, not for the store. I was able to catch up on lots of special orders and paperwork that seriously needed to be done. I was also able to catch up on some things of my on…i.e. grocery list, PEOPLE reading, and of course blogging! I was quite upset with this weeks PEOPLE. I was so enraged with the ma ... Read on »
Eat your soup! by Rocco C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 4:23pm Question: Current dieting advice tells you to eat smaller meals throughout the day, or to have small snacks throughout the day as opposed to three big meals. I work in an office setting and find it tough to find healthy food that I can easily bring to work and eat at my desk. Any suggestions on easy snacks that I could bring to work? ... Read on »
Sickie McSickerson by jennybeanjcb Posted Tue 30 Dec 2008 12:00am So, my very good friends know that I get sick quite often when I travel. I managed to go the entire Christmas vacation without getting sick. I have one plane ride with fifteen snot nosed kids, and the morning after I get home, I'm coughing and all stuffed up. Add to that, I'm cramping like crazy, and my CAR IS BROKEN, the dreams I had of go ... Read on »
More on the American Heart Association Check Mark program by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:17pm Take a look at the list of foods on the American Heart Association's (AHA) Check Mark endorsement program (below). After I saw the list, I was convinced either that the people who designed the program are either startlingly ignorant, or the AHA simply does this for money. Many of these foods have nothing to do with health, heart or ot ... Read on »
Restaurant Dining Guide: Healthy JAPANESE Food Choices by Alex L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 20 Nov 2009 10:01pm Enjoy dining out? Learn even more healthy eating options with our complete Restaurant Dining Guide! Japanese cuisine is a feast for the eye as well as the palate. Although white rice is integral to the Japanese culture, the abundance of fresh seafood provides many suitable choices for people following a healthy eating plan. Japanese ... Read on »
Lemon Chicken Soup with Fideos: Simple Noodly Goodness for Souper (Soup, Salad, & Sammie) Sundays by DebinHawaii Posted Sun 27 Feb 2011 6:00pm Giada's Lemon Chicken Soup is simple, relatively quick to make and full of bright lemony flavor, making it an easy choice for many circumstances. Like when you are feeling slightly "cloggy" and a bit under the weather When you just made a big batch of organic chicken bone broth and have plenty of leftover chicken meat ... Read on »