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HCG Diet and Why it doesn't work!! by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 16 Jun 2009 5:25pm 8 Comments I have reviewed many studies on the HCG Diet and as a Exercise Physiologist I don’t understand why people continued listening to horrible advice and easy quick fixes to their weight loss.  The HCG Diet is horrible and doesn’t work to do to the human body and whomever is recommending this to people need to stop.  People on this diet and who want ... Read on »
hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Fall Weight Loss Plan for Fall, Requiring 2 Days Initial Loadin by johnpeeter20 Posted Tue 11 Dec 2012 7:30am (1888PressRelease) Diet Doc has introduced a prescription hCG diet that actually recommends initial loading to prevent fatigue during dieting, making their weight loss plan effective and easy to follow, even during the holidays. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA - Holiday dieting can be arduous and complicated, usually involving a lot of hunger ... Read on »
Buy HCG Diet: How It helps you lose weight by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Posted Fri 26 Apr 2013 10:04pm A lot of people buy HCG diet drops to get slim but they don’t eat according to the instructions and may not lose the desired weight. While taking the HCG diet drops you are only allowed 500 calories per day and although it may seem to less for most people but the fact is that this is how HCG works. It allows the fat cells in your body to ... Read on »
Myth Buster #2 – Gluten-Free and hCG Diets by CWYMO Posted Thu 21 Apr 2011 12:00am This second Myth Buster Month post takes a look at two popular new diets: Gluten-Free and hCG. First, we’re going to take a peak at Gluten-Free diets which are designed for people who have  Celiac Disease, but are now being adopted frequently by individuals simply trying to lose weight.  Is there any truth to this concept? Before we ... Read on »
Seattle’s HCG Diet Weight Loss Center Illegally Posts Low-Carb Success Stories On Their Web Site As Their Own by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:54pm The Seattle office for the HCG diet has some serious explaining to do There are weight loss companies galore making claims about how their plan produces the kind of results you are looking for. Many of these businesses waltz out testimonials from their happy clients with nifty before and after photos to show off the diet and market it to ot ... Read on »
The (My) Real Skinny About the HCG Diet by Lynette Sheppard Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Tue 08 Feb 2011 7:02pm Two weeks into the first maintenance phase and I’m happy to report that I have maintained my weight. I am only avoiding starches and sweeteners (natural and artificial.) Everything else is on the table, literally. Including one glass of wine a day. I had one scary day in the beginning when my weight crested over the 2 pound limit. I ... Read on »
HCG diet information: hcg provider by Mary .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 9:31am 1 Comment When it comes to loosing weight do your research before jumping on the first idea presented. hcg, hcg diet info, hgc, ghc, ciné cool see what others are saying about and this could be the first place to start your reading on hcg diets, hcg supplies, hcg recipes etc Read on... Subscribe to Italian Recipes by Email Read on »
HCG Diet Products Are Illegal by FDA Posted Tue 06 Dec 2011 9:08am There are no HCG products sold online and in stores approved for weight loss. For more information, watch this Consumer Update video. ... Read on »
hCG Diet Center Seattle by hcgdietcenters Posted Tue 19 May 2009 11:07am 1 Comment SEATTLE hCG Diet Center 5025 25th Ave NE Suite 206 Seattle, WA 98105 Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 Days The HCG SlimXpress weight loss system offered at Seattle WA. is a modern version of a successful treatment for obesity developed by a Dr. Simeons M.D. over 50 years ago in Europe. His first study on the usage of HCG for weight loss ... Read on »
The HCG Diet Cookbook Helping Weight Loss Happen by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 08 Jun 2010 12:34pm 1 Comment The HCG Diet Cookbook Helping Weight Loss Happen Diet food that tastes great! The HCG Diet Cookbook is the cookbook to help you through the diet because it’ll help the pounds slip right off and the diet phase pass more quickly. Basically, you’ll be successful in losing the weight beca ... Read on »