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with a frosty ugg boots outlet glistening of her hard grey eye by huhuhu Posted Tue 11 Dec 2012 3:02am Love is the dismallest thing where the lover is quite honest. O, it is a shame to say so; but it is true!" She indulged in a little laugh. "My low spirits begin at the very idea. "I tell you, you must repent or die. I can see the great judgment angel now!" he said, stopping suddenly and pointing above the ... Read on »
Hard Work Pays Off ! by Kelly L. Posted Wed 20 Jul 2011 2:09pm Whoaaaa summertime! I am thoroughly enjoying summertime this year! It's fabulous to hang out in the backyard with the family! The kids are in the pool most the day and I've even been getting in there too! I can put my bikini on with no cover up and go out there and soak up the sun. This is a major accomplishment, but I still have my comfor ... Read on »
PREPOSTEROUS PACKING PEANUT PREDICAMENT by trust358 Posted Sat 16 Apr 2011 12:02pm oh wow. you are not gonna believe what happened to us in a nutshell, we went dumpster diving in a 100 cubic feet of packing peanuts in the middle of the mailbox international post office. oh yes! isn't our life just so entertaining? yeah. i dare you to hang out with us a for a few hours - you may or may not survive - it's likely ... Read on »
OUTDOOR TREASURES IN & AROUND LAS VEGAS: The Boys Gambol Hard in Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire by Gambolin Man Posted Tue 22 Jan 2013 10:27pm Who doesn’t tire of staid routines. Who doesn’t yearn for a bit o’ high jinx now and again to snap out of the drudgery of day in and day out monotony. Who isn’t in the throes of a mid-life crisis of one sort or another needing to break on through to the other s ide, if only but for a few days. Who? The mercurial cast of characters known as the ... Read on »
Halloween Food: Eyeball Rice Cereal Treats, Devil's Eye Eggs, Blood Clot Cranberry Dip, and I See You Meatballs by Glenna M. Posted Wed 02 Nov 2011 8:45am Bwahahahaha! Halloween--my very favorite holiday!  And a family favorite as well. No matter how old "our" kids get, this will always be our tradition: get together at Aunt Gonnie and Uncle Gene's house, eat great creepy food, dress up or dress down, take any little ones trick-or-treating the neighborhood and just hang out.. This y ... Read on »
Bad Eyeballing by April Posted Sat 05 Dec 2009 12:00am Hi friends! This morning I woke up to.. oats in jar! I’ve been saving my Costco Organic PB jar especially for today I like to have a big bowl of oats in a jar on Saturdays because it always holds me over forever and powers me through Kickboxing! Anyway, today I noticed the jar had a little less peanut butter in it than usual. So ... Read on »
Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eye Shapes: Deep Set Hooded Almond Eye by musicalhouses Posted Tue 16 Mar 2010 7:00am Welcome readers, to a brand new occasional series of posts: Eyeshadow Tutorials for Asian Eye Shapes! In this series I hope to give out a few tips for Asian eye makeup. Note that I said that these are tutorials for Asian eye "SHAPES", with a reference to plurality, rather than "Shape", and this is going to be a very important point I'll be referr ... Read on »
Which Vitamin Supplement Is Best For You? by Jan Posted Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:58pm Author: Mario Churchill (Available from Article: When you're young and healthy, you probably don't need a lot of vitamin supplements to ensure you get the complete nutrition required to keep your body healthy. But as you get older and your body changes, so will your needs. If you don't meet the required vitami ... Read on »
Swine flu info available by Sarah W. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 22 Jul 2009 4:45pm Please note that information in this posting  should not be taken as being a replacement for conventional medical advice. I’ve been inundated with queries about swine flu over the last week, with worried patients asking about vaccinations, nosodes, suggestions for homeopathic help, and ideas for  natural health steps they can take to ... Read on »