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The Medical Good Shepherd: Structuring "Invisible Hand Values" to the Supply Side of Healthcare and Medicine by Jim Pinkerton Posted Tue 24 Nov 2009 10:03pm In The New York Times this morning, David Brookssums up the conventional wisdom on healthcare, arguing that we face a choice between "vitality" and "security." Brooks' dichotomy, which echoes Virginia Postrel's distinction between "dynamism" and "stasis," is the familiar way of thinking about healthcare. Do we want r ... Read on »
Yoga Hands by Stef Posted Thu 22 Jul 2010 12:00am Tonight I had a tech session focused on hands.  The 90-minute class was segmented into three parts: 1) Hand structure and alignment: anatomy of human hands (27 bones in each!), and how hands should be placed on the yoga mat … Continue reading → Read on »
Vibration and shock testing of power bank by mobilepower Posted Sat 26 Jan 2013 3:04am Power bank gradually formed after a long practice and experimental study of the mechanical vibration theory, can be used to guide and solve many practical problems. However, on the one hand, these theories will eventually only is relatively simple mechanical model, for example, mass _ spring _ damping system regular shape, homogeneous elas ... Read on »
Out West 2013 by hers0108 Posted Sun 07 Jul 2013 10:17pm Hi! Long time no see (virtually). I am actually sitting in the car right now posting from my Verizon Hotspot. Woot. This feature on my phone has been an absolute gem during the 16 hour drive to and fro Yellowstone. Blake was able to work on schoolwork and I am able to do some blog work! [“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Health ... Read on »
New Balance Minimus Trail Review and Giveaway Contest by Donald Patient Expert Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 12:00am Admin note: Remember how I said this review was going to be awesome? Well, by now you’ve figured out from the title of this post what I was referring to. Yes, there’s a giveaway, and I wouldn’t be nearly as stoked about it if I wasn’t so impressed with the shoe … but for details on that, you’ll have to read on. * In my review for New ... Read on »
Handy Work, Calm Mind by Lauren W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 19 May 2008 5:03pm I’ve never been one to work with my hands. Structured arts and crafts were never for me. Coloring books bored me, and I never saw the point of pipeline, glitter, and glue. Truth is, I still don’t. But this week I’ve discovered that working with your hands can become a meditative experience. I’m currently on a short vacation to my moms house ... Read on »
Ready or Not? by Tammy K. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Dec 2010 3:19pm Aiden's ready. I'm not. Last year at this time, we drove a good hour plus two times a week for Aiden to attend the program at The River School in Washington D.C. It was well worth the drive, as the program there is PHENOMENAL, but I truly don't think Aiden was completely ready for it all. He was the youngest in the class (by a few months ... Read on »
Special Designed Structure of Hammer Crusher by dreamwangping19 Posted Wed 19 Dec 2012 8:44am The hammer crusher has many types, which can be divided into single rotor hammer crusher and double rotor; according to the direction of rotation of the rotor, it can be divided into directional (rotor to rotate in one direction) and reversible (rotor toward the two direction) hammer Crusher; according to the number of hammerhead, it can b ... Read on »
Knowledge, Standards, and the Healthcare Crisis: Part 2 by Steve Beller Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 6:27pm In my previouspost, I discussed how knowledge is the foundation of healthcare improvement, and how health information exchange is vital for creating and using knowledge. I then introduced the notion that standards are essential for sharing information and implementing knowledge in a way that improves patient care. I also mentioned that, while b ... Read on »
Mulberry women often seriously focus on practicality by asdf0595 Posted Sat 20 Oct 2012 5:58am I do suspect that each a lot handbags weighed most likeyl have 8 kgs. Or even more two with the ladies in all honesty at hand structured to purchase one way too it is well known nobody would rather sleep their own in house bags on to the floor throughout the cusine site. Cheap Mulberry Bags A quantity of arrange cover gear can hold all of the gre ... Read on »