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How to Put the Gym Back Into Gymnastics by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Thu 05 Mar 2009 2:59pm 1 Comment Note: For those of you who get this via e-mail or thru a reader, you will want to click through to my site - there are a lot of videos in this post. Trust me, you don't want to miss these. A long time ago Reader Lys asked me about doing gymnastics in the gym. A long long time ago Reader Sally asked me for more stories about my days as a g ... Read on »
Gymnastics fail & healthy eats from the week (8/3) by thegrassskirt Health Maven Posted Mon 06 Aug 2012 10:08pm Home Beverages Gymnastics fail & healthy eats from the week (8/3) 2 comments Aug 03/12 Beverages, Healthy Eating, Healthy eats from the week, Recipes   Happy Friday! Did anyone watch the Olympics last night?  I wa ... Read on »
Young Gymnasts At Risk Of Long Term Bone Problems by Nick B. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Dec 2008 1:34am A new report has highlighted the risks involved for children who practice gymnastics. Arthritis and broken bones are just two areas of concern. X-rays of 12-16 year old athletes in America were looked at and the study revealed they were enduring joint injuries that were capable of affecting them later in life. The report was presented at th ... Read on »
Gymnastics| Pain by Dr. Jennifer C. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 11 Aug 2008 9:10pm Sunday, August 10, 2008  As you view the Olympics gymnasts perform, do you wonder about their pain problems and what muscles may be prone to injuries and how to minimize injuries?  Pain is a serious problem in advanced level female artistic gymnasts because it decreases the performance. The pain is due to the high numbers of hours spent i ... Read on »
For Little Miss Lauren - Gymnastics is TOPs! by Pink Lemonade .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 9:31pm L ast week, I wrote about Little Miss Lauren's " Gymnastic Quest" ( An Olympic Dream ). Last Friday Lauren was doing a makeup gymnastics class because we were in Las Vegas when her regular class was held. About halfway through, she ran over to me to say that her teacher wanted to talk to me after class... My immediate thought was that I had bee ... Read on »
Breaking News: Chinese Olympic Gymnasts of Legal Age to Compete by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 4:13pm The International Gymnastics Federation said today that the Chinese women gymnasts who completed at this year's Beijing Olympic Games were legit. Athletes must be at least 16 in the year the games take place. In women's gymnastics, younger girls can have an advantage over older competitors on account of their often smaller, lighter and more a ... Read on »
Olympic Gymnast Tackles the Age-Old Battle of Woman Vs. Scale (Plus Giveaway!) by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 17 Nov 2008 9:19pm Did you know that some women lead perfectly happy and healthy lives without ever stepping on a scale? There are women out there who don't even know what they weigh! If you are one of those women, as I'm sure some of you are, then you will spend the rest of this post shaking your head in bewilderment. See, I am not one of those women. I have ... Read on »
A New Problem for Gymnasts by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Dec 2008 7:14am 2 Comments The body control, the elegant motion, the confidence of a competitive gymnast is just stunning. I find myself in awe and with a mild to moderate degree of envy. And yet, this level of movement mastery may be coming at too high of a price. Tumbling, bounding, swinging from a bar and landing on your feet all come with risk of injury. Over 27,000 ... Read on »
Why Don't Gymnasts Wear Shoes? by Matt M. Patient Expert Posted Thu 24 Sep 2009 10:19pm It's funny how tradition dominates the use of footwear in sports.  Most people would think it is normal to see a gymnast perform barefoot, but not a baseball player.  This brings up a good question: if shoes are so important for improving athletic performance, then why don't gymnasts wear shoes?  Certainly, gymnastics is one of the most athleti ... Read on »
Gymnastics! by Kristin .. Posted Thu 06 Mar 2008 12:00am Piper and Mim started gymnastics today. So cute. All morning she kept saying "match stick, match stick". I couldn't figure out was she was talking about. I finally figured out she was saying "gymnastics". She was so excited to go do a somersault and to jump. A video for the grandparents - it's pretty choppy since I had to keep stopping to ... Read on »