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Red - Sensitive Swollen Gums by Emery Posted Fri 24 Jul 2009 3:48pm     Untreatedswollen gumscan lead to serious medical conditions. Swollen gums are a warning sign of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Right now you’re walking down the road towards severe conditions that are proven to increase the risk of heart disease, pancreatic cancer, and a whole host of other life-threatening diseases. How is t ... Read on »
Health Tip: Why Gums Swell by Medline Plus Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 6:00am Some possible causes By Diana Kohnle Tuesday, August 17, 2010 (HealthDay News) -- Swollen gums are relatively common, but can signal an underlying health problem. The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers this list of possible causes: Having an inflamed gum condition called gingivi ... Read on »
NYU Dental Researchers Find Link Between Gum Inflammation and Alzheimer's disease by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Thu 05 Aug 2010 5:28am By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room Did you brush your teeth today? Floss? How many times? Did you know that gum disease can increase the risk of cognitive impairment? What is the condition of the gums and teeth of the person you know suffering from Alzheimer's disease? Narly? I would have to answer yes to that quest ... Read on »
Inflamed gums, heart disease linked by Invisalign topdentist Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:04pm LONDON:- The next person who reminds you to floss might be your cardiologist instead of your dentist, for a new study has revealed a link between inflamed gums and heart disease. Scientists have known for some time that a protein associated with inflammation called CRP is elevated in people who are at risk for heart disease. But exactly wher ... Read on »
Seven warning signs of periodontal disease. by Saundra G. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 12:11am Your gums are telling you that you have one or more of the varying stages of periodontal disease when the following warning signs appear: 1. You see pink in your toothbrush after brushing your teeth. 2. Your gums hurt when you brush your teeth. 3. You see “pink in the sink” when you rinse your mouth after brushing. 4. Your gu ... Read on »
Nursing a Teething baby by Becka S Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 09 Jun 2009 12:17pm Teething sucks, plain and simple.  Teething a nursing baby can be a really trying time.  Babies can often feel pain trying to nurse while they are teething.  Make sure to have orajel handy.  It seems like with my son, nursing is the only time I need to use the orajel.  When I go to nurse him and he pulls back and cries, I know his gums are hu ... Read on »
Blinded by Taylor Lautner’s pearly whites (okay, and abs) by Nadine H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 22 Nov 2009 10:00pm So, I just caved and went to see New Moon, even though I’m hardly a Twilight “fan.”  Good Christ almighty, is Taylor Lautner a hottie, or what?  (Yeah, methinks there’s a bit of Team Jacob brewing inside me!)  While watching New Moon, the following thoughts ran on an endless loop through my noggin: 1) Oh my god, that boy is beautiful. 2 ... Read on »
How to Take Care of Your Teeth (Hint: There’s More to It Than Brushing) by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 26 May 2011 3:28pm I get a lot of questions about dental hygiene and health, and for good reason. Dental records of our paleolithic ancestors show a fairly low incidence of caries when compared to modern teeth. Exceptions exist , but the general trends suggest that Grok had better teeth than the average contemporary human. Of course, when cavities struck back the ... Read on »
Giveaway: Crest 3D 2 Hour Express Whitestrips by Nadine H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 11 Jan 2012 11:24pm Contributing Editor Gloria Yang writes: Since Whitney Port , Nadine, and I are total fans of the new Crest 3D 2-Hour Express Whitestrips, is partnering up with Crest to give away a one year supply’s worth of whitening strips! I really thought Crest was exaggerating their claims just a little bit – since when does ... Read on »
5 Reasons This Diet “Trick” is Toxic… by okumanutritionals Posted Mon 27 Jan 2014 1:22pm   When I was a kid, my mom used to show apartments to supplement the family income.  She’d have showings from morning until night – and my siblings and I loved to play a game of sneaking into mommy’s purse. We knew that if we got caught it would be disastrous.  But that’s what made it so exciting, too! Once somebody had the g ... Read on »