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Artificial Sweeteners: Sipping On Poison, Part 1 by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 08 Dec 2009 12:00am This is day two of the  5 Days Low Glycemic Eating program, where we are balancing out our blood sugar, improving our energy and taking the first step towards kicking our sweet tooth cravings. Not an easy thing. We are so hooked on sweetness that massive powerful industries are built on the fake chemical version of sugar and our we ... Read on »
SPRY GUM by JOY Patient Expert Posted Fri 10 Oct 2008 3:53pm 1 Comment I love this gum! In my quest to use no artificial sweeteners I found this gum called Spry. It comes in a small round container with 100 rectangular pieces of gum inside. I chew between 2 and 4 pieces at a time. I have a chewing gum addiction. I know, I need to break this habit. But in the mean time I was looking for a gum with no art ... Read on »
Vegan Gum, DHA Oil, and Coconut Cacao Nibs! by Dreena Burton !. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 03 Jun 2011 10:59am I've had the chance to sample these new vegan products, and am here to share good words about them.  Let's get started Pur Gum.  Here's what's really great about this gum:  not only is it vegan, but it contains no nasty artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  I gave up gum entirely years ago when I stopped drinking diet drinks.  I had been chew ... Read on »
How To Ditch Artificial Sweeteners by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 10 Jun 2010 12:23am Coyote Grafix I dropped artificial from sweeteners from my diet a long while ago, it wasn’t easy but it has been worth it. This is coming from someone who would sweeten their coffee with splenda and drink a few diet drinks a day on top of a bunch of gum sweetened with aspartame. The reason I quit was not because I was having any  a ... Read on »
Chewing Gum, Good or Bad? by Dr. Dean Brandon Posted Thu 29 Apr 2010 5:20pm Is chewing gum bad for your teeth? Should I let my child chew gum? To get right to the point, chewing gum is ok! In fact, there are studies that indicate chewing gum stimulates salivary flow and inhibits the bacteria that cause tooth decay. This is especially useful when chewed right after a meal. Of course, brushing right after would be t ... Read on »
Chewing Gum: Could it Actually Be Good For You? by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011 10:24pm As a life-long gum chewer (yes, even wellness coaches have vices), I’ve been surprised and intrigued by the recent positive research on its supposed health benefits. Could it really be that gum chewing can make you smarter , thinner , less stressed, less forgetful and more alert ? Whether any of that’s true, I do know that chewing gum afte ... Read on »
[Nutrition 911] Part VI Nutrition Emergency: Sweeteners (Plus, 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!) by Timothy C. Posted Fri 26 Mar 2010 8:51am Welcome to part VI of our very, very basic nutrition class. We’ve now taken a basic look at what we should eat, marketing slogans to be wary of, and how to read food labels. Today we’ll look at sugar and fake sugar, and then try to come up with a reasonable strategy to deal with our sweet teeth. Remember, this class is the ultra basics, so ... Read on »
Does Chewing Gum Have An Effect On Weight? by Low Carb Confidential !. Patient Expert Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 5:54pm I had this thought yesterday as I was sitting in a department meeting watching the secretary chew her gum like a cow strung out on crystal meth.   We’ve been rolling this concept around in the blog that it isn’t just food that stimulates weight gain from the secretion of insulin as a result of sugar in the blood.  Taubes’ book, Good Calori ... Read on »
Dear Mark: Phenylketonurics and Chewing Gum by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 06 Jul 2009 5:22pm Dear Mark, I’ve gone Primal and am loving it! But now you’ve got me questioning everything - even my beloved gum. I’m an avid chewer of the stuff and had never thought twice about. I took a closer look recently and saw all kinds of things I didn’t recognize including a warning about phenylketonurics. What are they and what about all the ar ... Read on »
Reader’s Request: Why I’m finished with artificial sweeteners by eatspinrunrpt Posted Thu 16 Feb 2012 5:00am A little while ago, I posted about 2 changes I’ve made for my health so far this year. You may recall that one of them was a big reduction in my intake of artificial sweeteners, and shortly after I published the post, I got an email from a lovely reader asking me for a bit more information. This is what she had to say: Your recent post th ... Read on »