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Barely Autistic Spokespersons of the Alleged Autism Rights Movement Misrepresent Their Constituency by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:34pm How many of the spokespersons for the alleged Autism Rights Movement are actually autistic? At best it can be said that, to the extent that they share symptoms with persons with severe Autistic Disorder, they are barely autistic, and not representative of those with severe Autistic Disorder and they have no right to speak on their behalf. ... Read on »
Autism Science Foundation : Developmental Delay by MJ Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 12:00am If you look at the about autism page on the site for the Autism Science Foundation you are treated to what the foundation feels is important to know about autism. Given that this is a "science" organization you would think that the information would be the best that science has to offer but that doesn't seem to be the case. It starts out ... Read on »
ASD as a Developmental Disorder - A Suggested Neurological Underpinning by Ian P. Patient Expert Posted Sat 16 Jun 2007 10:00pm (This post is available in MS Word. To request a copy, please e-mail me - see sidebar for address.) In a previous post – Autism, Genius, and Minicolumns – I wrote about a research paper by Dr Casanova et al comparing the brains of three prominent neuroscientists vs. controls. One of the findings in this paper was a similarity (and differences ... Read on »
Vaccines and Autism - What Do Epidemiological Studies Really Tell Us? by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 01 May 2011 12:00am (Managing Editor's Note: this report is available in .pdf (Vaccines and Autism Epidemiology HERE ) “We have 16 studies already that clearly state that vaccines do not cause autism.” -- Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two “16 studies have shown no causal association between vaccines and autism, and t ... Read on »
A Focused Environmental Autism Research Strategy Is Needed by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Tue 29 May 2012 3:31am If you have a child who is severely affected by an autism disorder, whose ability to understand the world is limited, who wanders into dangerous traffic, lakes or rivers,  is prone to seizures or  engages in serious self injurious behavior autism is not just an alternative way of thinking or an opportunity to build a career mouthing em ... Read on »
"No Evidence of Any Link" by Ginger T. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 11:30am [UPDATE: This link is becoming quite popular, so I will just start archiving studies that support the vaccine/autism link here. I will be adding the links to the studies to the top section, and I have added about 25 abstracts following Kirby's list.] [FINAL UPDATE: So I have been adding to the list slowly and have 33 studies, and i will k ... Read on »
Autism Epidemic: Genetic Autism Myth Finally Busted at the US Senate by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Fri 06 Aug 2010 1:31am It's gotta be genetic?  The myth that autism is 100% genetic, that environment plays no part in causing autism, that there is no true autism epidemic took a severe, even fatal beating, this week in the US Senate. Teresa Binstock exposed the mindset that directed funding almost exclusively towards genetic based autism research over a decad ... Read on »
Mitochondrial dysfunction autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis by Cheryl Patient Expert Posted Wed 26 Jan 2011 11:19am From Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication 25 January 2011; doi: 10.1038/mp.2010.136 Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis Open D A Rossignol 1  and R E Frye 2 1International Child Development Resource Center, Melbourne, FL, USA 2Division of Chil ... Read on »
Autistic Children Grow Up by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 11:30pm Autistic children grow up. They get taller, bigger, stronger. And like other parents we must adapt as they do, both to continue to enjoy their presence in our lives and to help them develop to their fullest potential. For some parents of autistic children the physical growth of their children also represent ... Read on »
Young, Autistic, Stagestruck........... and EXCLUDED by Valerie O. Posted Mon 19 Apr 2010 4:33am Last week an interesting four week series called Young, Autistic and Stagestruck started on Channel 4. I watched the first episode with great interest.                                                                                                                                                                               A while ago I ... Read on »