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Dialed in GVHD (Day 230) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:13pm My Graft Verses Host Disease (GVHD) doctor told me last Friday that if she could dial all of her patient’s GVHD in to the just right amount; they would be set to right where I’m at now. That’s pretty cool! GVHD symptoms range from none at all, to life threatening. GVHD is caused by my donor’s blood recognizing my body as foreign and attacki ... Read on »
A Call For GVHD Prevension Research by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 10:32am This beautiful young woman is Christy Novak.  She was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009.  She went through chemotherapy and had a bone marrow transplant (BMT) as part of her treatment.  From her last blog entry I can tell that the leukemia was still in remission and that she had successfully made it to +100 days post BMT.  Sadly though, I was ... Read on »
They can test everything (Day 213) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Fri 21 Aug 2009 12:35pm I dropped off a sample in a small plastic bottle with a tiny spoon attached to the inside of the lid. Can you guess what the sample was that I put inside the bottle? Ha! Ha! I'm sorry for making you think about that, but it is another thing that they have to test. I should find out the results next Tuesday . My latest blood test results we ... Read on »
What would you do with extra time? by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Wed 19 May 2010 9:23am I saw the BMT doctor on Monday.  He increased my Tacrolimus (immunosuppressant) to 1.5 mg morning and night (6 pills per day), increased Hydrocortisone (steroid) to 20 mg per day and prescribed Zolpidem (Ambien) as a sleep aid. I continue to have trouble sleeping because of the pain in my hands caused by the graft verses host disea ... Read on »
It’s what’s on the inside that really matters by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 13 Aug 2009 7:50pm Years ago my parents removed the labels from our soup cans to give them to a fund raiser effort. And they thought that it would be fun opening the unlabeled cans. You never knew what was inside until you opened it. Yes, we did inexpensive things for excitement back then. I recommend that you don’t try this though, because it is very disapp ... Read on »
Just a little puffy by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 13 May 2010 3:59pm No, not a just a little puppy! I know that you are all excited to see a little puppy. Although, little puppies are cute, I mean that I'm just a little "puffy". As in; just a little swelled up. My hands, wrists and ankles are noticeably puffed up. I haven't been able to wear my favorite bracelets lately.   I just put them on for t ... Read on »
All is well by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 18 Mar 2010 11:30am On Tuesday, my blood test was very good, I had six more immunization shots  (three in each arm - Ouch!), a monthly pentamidine treatment, and a BMT doctor visit. There were four nurses in the little area with me, all six needles were laid out on a tray, two more nurses walked in and then another nurse stuck her head in the room and said, "Wha ... Read on »
I may need a couple of minutes? by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Fri 16 Jul 2010 6:27pm Today my Graft verses Host Disease (GvHD) doctor prescribed a new med, Rapamune, and a pack of steroids, Methylprednisolone, to help me with my chronic GvHD (cGvHD). She hopes to tapper me off the Prograft and onto Rapamune.  Basically, we are switching to a different immunosuppressant drug. The steroid pack should give me some immediate relie ... Read on »
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Wed 07 Apr 2010 12:04pm I have symptoms very similar to rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back.  I'm pretty sure that it is all associated with graft verses host disease (GVHD). A blood test would be needed to diagnose it as RA. You can see that there is a small amount of swelling in my hands and wrists. It isn't very painful at this point ... Read on »
Quit your belly aching! (Day 246) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:13pm My stomach hurts sometimes because of graft verses host disease (GVHD).  When it happens at night, I squeeze a pillow to my stomach or try sleeping on my belly.  If that doesn’t work, I lay awake praying for you.  If it still keeps bothering me I get up and start typing this letter to you.  So here I am!  How are you?  Ha! Ha! Last Saturda ... Read on »