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Golds gym memberships by angel Posted Mon 28 Dec 2009 11:59am Hello everybody, I wanted to share my experience with Gold's gym on tower road, columbus, Georgia.  It has been a joke!!  First of all, they have these fake barbie doll girls who answer the phone like a valley girl, and have attitudes.  My former Pastor recommended Gold's Gym to the congregation, and I started going to only find that my former Past ... Read on »
AARP Trying to Entice Weight Loss – Ho Hum It’s Another Portal Application Contest by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 21 Jun 2010 6:32pm My first word here…boring.  I think this is where social networks pay off with connections people make with other real people.  There are tons of healthcare portals like this that require data entry, aka work, to enter your numbers.  I don’t know about you, but the prizes don’t look too grand and people are just so busy today, but perhaps maybe ... Read on »
spoonful of a guest post! taking the leap to a specialized gym by Jessie Ann James Posted Thu 06 Dec 2012 9:35am hey friends! i can’t tell you how happy i am to introduce you to a blog friend! she is the reason i did jamie eason’s live fit trainer as well as looked into crossfit! kinda cool how the blog world can connect us with so many great people huh?! she also one of my favorite blogs to keep up with and a utah native! woot!!! so without further a ... Read on »
Rejoining a Gym by coffeecakeandcardio Posted Thu 11 Oct 2012 9:00am Last night, after holding off for a few months, Neal and I joined Gold’s Gym!  Although I had been content not having a gym membership this past year, I have reached a point where rejoining a gym was necessary. After my football tryouts last weekend I was eager, motivated, and driven to get back into the weight room.  Over the past y ... Read on »
Because Friday got away from me.. by Jessie Ann James Posted Sat 03 Mar 2012 12:48pm Bloggers! Friday seemed to slip right away from me! Arg! I hate that! So I am breaking my Friday Sign off day rule and giving you a quick Saturday post:) First off… I’ve taken on another Instagram challenge! Follow me @jessieann and join the fun! Secondly, I did not workout yesterday so its time to hit it hard today! I’m think ... Read on »
The Closest, Cheapest Gym Ever by iheartvegetables Posted Mon 28 Nov 2011 6:00am I’ve always been a doubter of home workouts. It just seems too easy to get distracted… and could I really push myself like I do at the gym? But after some field tests, I’ve come to the conclusion that home workouts will hold a special place in my routine. Here’s why: 1. Working out at home saves so much time. Add up the time ... Read on »
Photo Shoot at A Gym Membership by Dori Manela Posted Tue 27 Oct 2009 11:04pm Remember that type of puzzle on Wheel of Fortune?? So on Saturday, Missy announced some exciting news on her blog: Shape magazine contacted her to do a little feature about her weight loss a few years ago! They wanted to do a photo shoot of Missy doing an exercise she regularly does, and after the Core Fusion location didn’t work out, they dec ... Read on »
How to Buy a Gym Membership by Chrystal G. Posted Mon 04 Feb 2013 6:00am Appears courtesy of Sarah at Shhh…Fit Happens . I have had my fair share of jobs working in health club sales.  My first job out of college was at a Gold’s Gym in Tallahassee, Florida selling gym memberships.  I have sold personal training at a Pure Fitness in Arizona, gym memberships again at 24-7 Fitness in Pennsylvania, and have held oth ... Read on »
Gold’s Gym Review by Dr Duncan DC Patient Expert Posted Fri 08 May 2009 11:39pm 1 Comment As promised I stopped by the Gold’s Gym near my office to take a look around.  The one thing that I found that I did like at Gold’s was that they had a neck machine.  It’s only at the facility by University Mall, no other Gold’s in the area.  This is the first gym I’ve ever seen one in.  So, if I have a neck rehab patient who needs a gym I k ... Read on »