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Gluten Intolerance-What Your Doctor May Not Tell You by Ralph S. Certified Nurse Specialist Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 11:54pm 2 Comments The associated health issues related to gluten intolerance (GI), have a wide range, with Celiac Disease being the defining and best known aspect of that problem. However, GI can often go undiagnosed, because it does not always present with the more obvious symptoms seen in Celiac Disease (CD). GI and even CD can be cryptic, or a hidden problem, i ... Read on »
Gluten Sensitivity, Is Your Food Making You Sick? by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Posted Fri 06 May 2011 1:50pm Gluten Sensitivity, Is Your Food Making You Sick? by Jeffrey Dach MD Jim suffered from frequent migraines which were severe and incapacitating. After seeing a number of neurologists and trying multiple medications with no improvement, Jim finally came to see me.  His last neurologist found he had a low vitamin D level, and st ... Read on »
How Common is Gluten Sensitivity? by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 05 Sep 2012 11:00am I’ve long suspected that everyone has some degree of sensitivity to gluten, even if they’ve never been formally diagnosed and even if they don’t notice any overt symptoms after eating it. Now we have concrete evidence that non-celiac gluten sensitivity actually exists. My own story was that of a lifetime grain-eater who defended my “right” to e ... Read on »
The List of Celiac Problems is LONG… by Eileen Simpson Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Oct 2009 8:14pm It speaks for itself…this is why we confuse Doctors Here is the list of over 300 Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications directly or indirectly resulting from celiac disease. We were the first to present this information in our comprehensive book, “Recognizing Celiac Disease.” This list is now being ... Read on »
Don't wet yourself by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 03 Apr 2011 12:24pm While there is more to wheat's adverse effects on human health than celiac disease, studying celiac disease provides important insights into why and how wheat--the gluten component of wheat, in this case--is so destructive to human health. Modern wheat, in particular, is capable of causing "celiac disease" without intestinal symptoms---no c ... Read on »
Dr. Kenneth Fine: Inviting You to EnteroLab and a Music CD Release Party in Dallas by adventuresgfmom Posted Tue 20 Oct 2009 12:00am The following is an invitation from Dr. Kenneth Fine of EnteroLab : Real quick, here is some information on Dr. Kenneth Fine and EnteroLab, in case you have not heard of him and the lab yet. I will cut and paste some excerpts from EnteroLab’s website and also include the links to the pages: About EnteroLab : E ... Read on »
A G-Free Thanksgiving- Tips, Recipes, Turkey list & more by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Tue 05 Nov 2013 9:37am I don’t usually cross-post from my “work” job but I put SO much effort into all of the recipes and turkey list that I really want to share! If you’d like to receive my monthly g-free newsletter, see Thanksgiving tips: It takes a little planning ahead to guarantee a great Thanksg ... Read on »
G-Free Thanksgiving 2013 by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Mon 04 Nov 2013 10:31pm Thanksgiving tips: It takes a little planning ahead to guarantee a great Thanksgiving. In many ways, it’s easier if you’re hosting, because you know what you can and can’t have. Most people hate to impose on their hosts, but it’s easier on you AND your host to ask beforehand than sit through a four-hour meal and watch others eat. Reme ... Read on »
Giving Up Diet Soda Again by Vickie Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Aug 2013 4:08pm I've had a wallop of a winter this year. It's been quite cloudy, rainy, and humid. For me, that means lots of vertigo and off balance challenges. My husband also fell at work last December and splattered one of his thumb tendons, went through surgery to correct the problem, but the doctors still cannot figure out what is wrong with his wrist. ... Read on »
Top 5 Reasons Why The Gluten-Free Diet is Not a Fad by Lisa Lundy Posted Thu 19 Nov 2009 10:04pm I just opened up our new Reader's Digest, the December 2009 issue, and on page 82 is a little one paragraph bit titled "Fad Diet Danger" by J.G., which basically states that a gluten-free diet may do more harm than good if you don't have celiac disease. Whew- take a deep breath! This is statistically and factually not the case. Read on...I r ... Read on »