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My Adventures with Enemas and Colonics by Kristen S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Jan 2012 2:40am Let’s just be honest and to the point. This post involves talk of colons, poop, speculums going up the bum, and more. Therefore, you might want to pass. But, I know there are some very interested folks out there in hearing more about enemas and colonics. Today, I’m sharing my recent adventures in them. Let’s see… I’ve been living a r ... Read on »
Anal Sex, Enemas & Colonics – What You Need To Know (Video) by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Tue 26 Apr 2011 10:00am Anal sex always looks so clean in porn films – but you know from what comes out of there, it can’t be that clean, right? Well, it can be if you do a little preparation beforehand. Make anal sex cleaner with an enema or a colonic, but be careful – you can do more harm than good if you don’t research what you’re doing thoroughly before you do it ... Read on » petition:No bleach enemas to “cure” autism in children! by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Fri 01 Jun 2012 7:02pm Emily Willingham and Jennifer Byde-Myers  have started a petition on calling for a ban on the “MMS” therapy. This is the so-called therapy that involves making disabled children drink bleach or undergo bleach enemas. This was promoted at this year’s AutismOne convention. You can read about it below: Block peddling o ... Read on »
Couple Uses Coffee Enemas, Several A Day They are Convinced Is Saving Their Health by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 08 Feb 2013 5:58pm This is story and a half but I’ll take my coffee as a beverage.  For 2 years a few enemas every day.  When we hear about the c diff fecal transplants who knows?  I wonder how many bathrooms they have in the house.  They both work from home so they can do their thing whenever they want.  Hilarious watch them go to the store and how picky they ar ... Read on »
Enema Excerpt from "Healing the Gerson Way" by Robert S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 03 Feb 2009 1:22am In my October 2, 2007 entry, I mentioned the fact that enemas are not a cultural norm around these parts. Well, I found this excerpt from Charlotte Gerson's book "Healing the Gerson Way" to be very interesting. Generally speaking, any kind of enema introduces a substance into the rectum in order to empty the bowel, or to administer nutrients ... Read on »
BARIUM ENEMA by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:39pm A barium enema, also known as a lower gastrointestinal (GI) series, uses x-rays to diagnose problems in the large intestine, which includes the colon and rectum. The lower GI series may show problems like abnormal growths, ulcers, polyps, diverticuli, and colon cancer. Before taking x rays of your colon and rectum, the radiologist will p ... Read on »
Flare update-Tried Jini's Pro-Biotic Retention Enema by Jay Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:17pm Well I will admit this was quite a weird experience as I never thought in my life that I would be given myself an If you have read my last post you will see that while I was in Hawaii I went into some kind of flare which just consisted of very bad bloating and cramps but like so bad that they almost put me onto my knees many time ... Read on »
Benefits of Enemas by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Thu 03 Sep 2009 5:19pm Enema What are the benefits of deep cleansing with a colon tube? Answer: Hi there - Enemas are typically done by entering a small tube into the anal canal. The small tube delivers the enema contents into the anal canal and just into the rectum. Using a colon tube provides the enema contents further up. The colon tube passes the ... Read on »
Double Tall Non-Fat Coffee Enema – Your Morning Cup ‘o Joe by Alison A. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 03 Feb 2010 10:00pm   I made a big stink blogging about my coffee enemas a few weeks back. Most people know that a ‘cup o’ joe’ can keep you regular, but I didn’t realize so few people were in the dark about using coffee as an enema solution. Used to clean out the gut, detoxify the body and ... Read on »
Ulcerative Colitis Cure - Vitamin E Enema & Diet by Jay Posted Thu 25 Mar 2010 9:54pm Hi Everyone just wanted to take the time to post some information I received from someone today and thought I would share it with you. As of yet I do not know anyone who has done this yet but will post it as my site is unbiased and I am trying to provide the people with non invasive ways to overcome your diseases. Ulcerative Colitis Cure - Vi ... Read on »