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Case history: One Man’s Giant-Cell Arteritis by animekid Posted Sun 13 Jun 2010 12:00am Hi there everyone. I have done several informational posts about the subject of  Arteritis on this blog. The first is called Abstract About Septic Arteritis And Vasculitis , and the second is called Takayasu’s Arteritis . But here is a very inform ... Read on »
The Why ME Syndome by livingdaytodaywithmultiplesclerosis Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Thu 23 Jul 2009 9:36pm "WHY ME SYNDROME" When I was first diagnosed I went through a very long phase and I call it the "Why Me Syndrome" I could not figure out why out of my very large family, was I the one chosen for this disease? My family even said the same thing. No...Actually they said..."You can't have MS", or "Where did you get it from" or best yest..."Nobody ... Read on »
Interferon for giant cell tumors by Mark Levin Posted Sun 20 Dec 2009 6:19am Giant cell tumors of the bone have 3 major cell types: 1) proliferating mononuclear cells thought to be the neoplastic element of the tumor, 2) nonproliferating mononuclear cells, and 3) multinucleated giant cell that are fused mononuclear cells. It is difficult to treat, A completely successful use of interferon alpha was first reported by Dic ... Read on »
MRA for temporal arteritis by Mark Levin Posted Wed 21 Sep 2011 5:44am Temporal arteritis, or giant cell arteritis, is a common systemic vasculitis of unknown etiology. Ttemporal artery biopsy, a fairly easy procedure,  is standard for the diagnosis of temporal arteritis.  Angiography can be used when biopsy results are negative, or it can be used to help guide biopsy by demonstrating areas of abnormality. Magn ... Read on »
Takayasu’s Arteritis by animekid Posted Sun 27 Dec 2009 12:00am If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I came across a post the other day about a study done in Japan concerning the condition ” Takayasu’s Arteritis “, and again this is a condition that I am not very familiar with, but I wanted to do a bit of investigation into the condition so… This inf ... Read on »
Giant multinucleated cells by pathologystudent Posted Sun 09 Sep 2012 9:46pm There are a bunch of different kinds of big, multinucleated cells in pathology. Here’s a question that you can use to test your knowledge of these cells. The answer is right below the question, so if you want to see if you can answer correctly, cover up everything below the question. What is the name of this large, multinucleated ce ... Read on »
AFS Cells: A Non-controversial source of pluripotent cells? by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 12:00pm There is a new report out today that suggests there is a new, non-controversial and "ethically sound" source of pluripotent stem cells: amniotic-fluid stem cells, which, as the name indicates, are stem cells found free-floating in the amniotic fluid. They are also apparently present in the placenta. According to Dr. Anthony Atala, the specia ... Read on »
Stem Cell Trial to Begin in 12 Months For New Process to Reduce or End Wrinkles–Using Blood Cells Instead of Fat Cells by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 09 Sep 2012 6:26pm We all know about collagen and how it goes away as we age and thus we get wrinkles, that lovely part of aging that nobody looks forward to.  Clinical trials are to begin in about a year to see if the new methodology with using stem cells from the patient’s blood will work.  There have been collagen face lift procedures that are a bit costly but a ... Read on »
UOK171, A Spontaneous Clear Cell Type Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC) Human Cell Line Derived from a Surgically Removed Tumor by Posted Sun 06 Jun 2010 5:00pm Description of Invention: Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed a renal cell carcinoma (RCC) cell line designated UOK171 from the resected tumor of a patient diagnosed with stage IV high nuclear grade clear cell type renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). The UOK171 cell line was immortalized spontaneousl ... Read on »
Still No Truce in the Stem-Cell Wars…Why (INDUCED PLURIPOTENT!!) Adult Cells Won’t End the Stem-Cell Wars – by David Granovsky Posted Mon 08 Feb 2010 12:00am SO much confusing info (or perhaps, misinformation). Let me try to explain this… Still No Truce in the Stem-Cell Wars A new study finds serious problems with stem cells produced from adult cells. (they are referring to induced pluripotent stem cells – dg) By Sharon Begley | Newsweek Web Exclusive  Feb 11, 2010 “Embry ... Read on »