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Fitness Blog World Round 1 by HappyHealthyRunner Health MavenFacebook Posted Fri 04 Nov 2011 10:00pm I recently joined a group of health and fitness bloggers  who write on a shared topic every few weeks, and this is the first week that I’m able to participate. This week’s topic is threefold, so I’m going to do each question separately… This is a long post, so settle in friends. Turning Points I’ve mentioned this before, but I was a swi ... Read on »
Swim Swam Swum by Picky Runner Facebook Posted Sun 12 May 2013 12:25am Well, I did it. I finally got back in the pool on Wednesday morning. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I could have felt like a drowning cat who can’t swim. I could have fallen in love with the water. Or I could have just gotten in the pool, swam some laps, and got out to carry on with my day. Nothing remarkable happened in this swim. ... Read on »
Ooofff...First Swim of the Season by Rock G. Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Jan 2009 6:02pm Photo Courtesy of Ellen and EQ The thing that I was most psyched about my new training program this season was that I didn't have to swim until the Spring. I love Triahtlon, I hate swimming. Oh I know I'm hurting the feelings of the swimmers right now; whatever, I have to hear people complain about running all the time ... Read on »
Swimming is the Worst Exercise for Fat Loss by Rocco C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 4:24pm Question: I'm extremely overweight and out of shape. To get back in shape, I have been swimming daily for cardio for about 6 months. I'm feeling better, but not getting much of a result. I'd like to get back into weight training.... how would you recommend I start off? It's been so long since I did a regular routine with weights... Kylie ... Read on »
Natalie Minh, fitness model, sexy woman, role model! by Andrea Grace Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Oct 2009 10:03pm 1 Comment Natalie is a 29 years old stunning young woman. She is originally from Houston, Texas, although her roots are half Vietnamese, half American. She wanted 1st place from her early childhood. She wanted to be a winner in almost everything and she achieved her goals. Today she is a very beautiful, successful young woman and so ... Read on »
Swimming is Fantastic for the Lungs by jothyr Posted Wed 30 Dec 2009 1:36pm Lung Physiology -- How the Lungs Work The lungs are divided into lobes; the left lung is composed of the upper lobethe lower lobe and the lingula (a small remnant next to the apex of the heart that doesn't really count)the right lung is composed of the upperthe middle and the lower lobes. The two lobes on the left side are large ... Read on »
Michael Phelps to swim grueling 400-meter IM at this week's Pan Pacific championships by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 7:00am It could easily be argued that the 400-meter individual medley is one of swimming most grueling events. Not since the 2008 Olympics games has 8 time gold medalist and world record holder Michael Phelps swam the event in competition...but that's all going to change this weekend at the Pan Pacific championships. "I said the door wasn't ... Read on »
Effective Weight Management Methods by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 22 Jan 2010 5:02am By Mariah Price To achieve effective weight reduction, one has to be patient, organized and has to abide by a set routine with unflinching determination. There is no magical way to slimming, and it's all about identifying your goals, getting the right guidance, and then putting in a lot of effort. Weight loss programs are most of th ... Read on »
Swimming Might Make You Gain Weight by Wired Berries .. Posted Mon 08 Sep 2008 6:59am Now that it's summer, more people are taking up water sports, and in particular indoor or outdoor swimming. There's no doubt that swimming is a great workout, but it might have a less than great side effect. If you're swimming for exercise and to keep in shape, swimming can work wonders, but it might not be as effective in weight loss efforts as no ... Read on »
Tips for Losing Weight this Summer by Bill .. Posted Mon 21 May 2012 6:52pm Losing Weight this Summer Are you stressing over losing weight this summer? Does your old swimsuit fit? Worried you’re so out of shape you’ll look silly riding bikes with the kids or playing tennis with your friends? What about those revealing summer clothes? After indulging all winter, it’s time to make a change and reclaim y ... Read on »