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Spring Hiking Shape Up by Lindsey G. Posted Tue 06 Mar 2012 8:00am 03.06.12 Cabin fever. Spring fever. I’ve got it all and I’ve got it bad! I’m counting the days ’til the grass is getting green and long. Buds are forming on the trees. The air is warmer. Days are longer. I’m itching to lace up my hiking boots to enjoy some clean, mountain air. So in preparation for those days, it’s t ... Read on »
Stop Yo-Yo Dieting With Exercise And Healthy Meals by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 1:03pm Do you want to stop yo-yo dieting (or weight cycling)? Exercise, eat healthy and don't stop. Are you tired of losing 40 pounds and regaining 60 pounds? Exercise, eat healthy and don't stop. Are you tired of quick weight loss "solutions" that aren't solutions (the problem gets bigger with each yo-yo weight regain)? Exercise, eat healthy and d ... Read on »
Weight Management and Fitness Forum 58th Edition by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 30 Jan 2010 5:16am 1 Comment Welcome to the 58th edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum. Thank you for all of your participation. We hope you enjoy these selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other posts. Fredric Cernick presents Top 50 Blogs by Physicians posted at Best masters in healthcare. ... Read on »
Weight Management and Fitness Forum 69th Edition by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 18 Jul 2010 2:40pm Welcome to the 69th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope you enjoy these selections. Please come back to Weight Master for our next edition and our other informative posts. Rachel Davis presents Top 100 Radiologist Bloggers posted at Radiology Degree , saying, "If looking ... Read on »
Hiking In Pleasanton Ridge by lauragetsfit Posted Thu 04 Aug 2011 5:28pm Dave and I went hiking the other day, and it was a big test of endurance for us both. Dave had never gone hiking before, and I hadn't been in over two years. We decided to drive out to the Pleasanton Ridge Park and take a hike. We loaded up our backpack with lots of water and some healthy snacks and took off on a trail. I felt so out of shape ... Read on »
71 weight loss tips by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 15 Jan 2010 2:25pm 1 Comment 1.      Hire a Personal Trainer: Hiring a personal trainer will help you be more motivated, educated you on how to exercise properly and get results a lot faster than you could do on your own.  Make sure you hire a qualified a trainer one with multiple certifications, a degree, and one who is focusing on your goals and success. 2.    ... Read on »
FITNESS WITH FIDO by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 22 Apr 2012 12:00am With all the publicity about many dogs and cats being overweight, what better opportunity for a pet owner than to combine their own workout routines with something for their pet? Fitness with Fido Four-legged companions offer a lot of motivation for pet lovers who want to get in better shape. By Gwendolyn Purdom ... Read on »
8 simple fitness rules everyone forgets by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 03 Apr 2010 9:00am Health and fitness are usually made to seem too complex. Don’t you feel overwhelmed and confused? Fitness and healthy eating should not be that complicated, but they are. In fact, if you read a lot of fitness magazines, books and blogs (as I often do), you’re told a confusing variety of complex advice. It makes your head spin and mak ... Read on »
A Simple Fitness Trick to Get You In Better Shape Fast – Altitude Training by Adria A. Posted Tue 20 Nov 2012 12:00am Jessica Biel doing some altitude training on her hike If you are trying to get back into shape or in better shape, could give you the kick start you need to get your body back in shape fast!  This trick has been used by professional athletes for years, yet the general public ov ... Read on »
The End of Spring Focus : Group Results by Sarah@Low Stress Weight Loss Facebook Posted Thu 08 Jul 2010 5:47am Spring Focus has now ended! That’s right, we lost a whole skinny girl!!! 13 people reported in to the final week, so yes, you read that right, the average weight loss is almost 10 pounds per participant! Here’s the breakdown : Losing 5 pounds :          4 people Losing 6-10 pounds :    2 people Losing ... Read on »