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Tummy Treason and Meal Malfeasance by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 04 Sep 2010 12:00am I’ve got a little problem in the gastro dept.  Actually, it’s a big one.  What’s worse? I don’t know how to solve it!!! The only thing that seems to make it “go away” is to starve myself.  Yep.  That’s right.  If I don’t eat at all, it doesn’t happen. The entire point of my bizarre and horrific, gastroenterological existence over the ... Read on »
Evidence For CJD TSE Transmission Via Endoscopes 1-24-3 re-Singeltary to Bramble et al by Terry S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 16 Jan 2010 8:51am 1 Comment Evidence For CJD/TSE Transmission Via Endoscopes From Terry S. Singletary, Sr 1-24-3 I have researched human/animal TSEs now for over 5 years due to the death of my Mother from the Heidenhain Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, one of six - known - variants of the infamous 'sporadic' CJD. I did a little survey several year ... Read on »
Glossary E by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:41pm E Effectiveness The extent to which an intervention does people more good than harm under general or routine conditions. Efficacy The extent to which an intervention improves the outcome for people under ideal circumstances. Testing efficacy means finding out whether something is capable of causing an effect at all. Efferen ... Read on »
Organizing the CPP by Dr. Michelle G. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 03 Nov 2008 9:00pm I don't think we called the helpdesk at all this week. Things are definitely going more smoothly. I am reviewing previously entered CPPs when I see patients, and correcting earlier mistakes. I am now systematically entering CPPs from my alphabetical list of rostered patients; I am about 30% done. I see about 10% of my patients without an ... Read on »
GASTROSCOPY by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:39pm Gastroscopy (also called upper endoscopy) enables the physician to look inside the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum (first part of the small intestine). The procedure might be used to discover the reason for swallowing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, reflux, bleeding, indigestion, abdominal pain, or chest pain. For the procedure you wil ... Read on »
Iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease via surgical instruments and decontamination possibilities for the TSE prion by Terry S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 08 Sep 2013 12:47pm Subject: Iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease via surgical instruments and decontamination possibilities for the TSE prion     please note, all Iatrogenic Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease iCJD is, is sporadic Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease sCJD, until route and source of iatrogenic event took place, and documented. until then, it’s all spor ... Read on »
Sudden stomach pain, stalls throughout the event " by sweethouse Posted Tue 07 May 2013 4:53pm   "Many young people had stomach ulcers for granted, where he or arbitrary rule, free withdrawal dressing, medication 'just leave' delay the disease." Recently, the Guangzhou First People's Hospital, vice president, medical director of the physician Nieyu Jiang cautioned, cheap hermes outlet  if you have stomach problems, stomach suddenly does no ... Read on »
A GLOBAL CRISIS AFFECTING BOTH PATIENTS and HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: THE RISK OF HEALTH-CARE ASSOCIATED INFECTIONS by Linda Appleman Shapiro Posted Sat 22 May 2010 9:15pm Individual physicians and the medical staff at hospitals help save lives every day. In any community, in every state, people of every age who are sick (from newborns to the elderly) rely on hospitals to be places where they will be cared for, their illnesses treated and their pain relieved. Fortunately, that IS exactly what happens .. ... Read on »
More on Health Apps: Opportunities, Risks and the Implications for Population Health Management by JaanS Medical Doctor Posted Wed 30 Oct 2013 9:07pm It's called "mHealth" but others may call it "health apps." The FDA calls it a target rich regulatory opportunity . Others may call it hype. The Disease Management Care Blog calls it inevitable. Writing in JAMA, Drs. Steinhubl, Muse and Topol of Scripps agree and say that the future is bright for mHealth . Its adoption is being driven by  ... Read on »
Health Hazard Evaluations (HHEs) and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) by FDA Posted Wed 30 Jun 2010 9:00pm FDA learns of problems with medical devices in different ways. Most often, a firm will notify its customers and FDA that it is issuing a recall. At other times, FDA’s analysis of medical device reports will indicate a greater than expected failure rate. In either of these cases, FDA must review the risks to determine the actions nee ... Read on »