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Winter in the garden in Zone 7 USA (North Carolina) by Ellen Kirby Patient Expert Posted Sun 04 Dec 2011 12:00am Yes, it does snow in North Carolina! Don't know if you remembered the little garden with the Muhly grass that I posted in the fall, but this is the same scene from another angle in the winter. This is actually taken last year in January but we had a little snow already a few weeks ago, well you might want to call it a dusting, but it was ... Read on »
October Flowers and Garden Zone 4 by Gloria Bonde Posted Fri 01 Oct 2010 6:38pm Our average frost date is September 29. But we are far from having a frost. We have had a beautiful two weeks.  We even had a couple of days where the temperature reached 90 degrees. But the nights get down to about 45 so the days seem cooler. And the forecast is for another week of 70 degrees.  It is amazing how much you can get done with weathe ... Read on »
Early September Flowers, Garden Zone 4 by Gloria Bonde Posted Thu 09 Sep 2010 12:44pm With a bit of cooler weather the flowers and the gardener are reviving. We still are getting temperatures close to 90 degrees but the sun feels softer and the nights are much cooler.  I am thinking about the changes I want to make. While spring flowers are bright and vibrant. The summer colors are soft. You’re looking at the north ... Read on »
ZONE 5 GARDENING QUESTIONS ? ASK CAROLYN ! by Carolyn C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:30pm My good friend and neighbor Ceci asks me for gardening advice from time to time. as well as other neighbors, and suggested that I have a question and answer feature on my blog. Thanks, Ceci . I'm taking your advice and using your inquiry as the very first. Here is her question : I received potted bulbs as gifts in December which wer ... Read on »
June 6 - Zone 4- In the Garden by Gloria Bonde Posted Mon 07 Jun 2010 6:14pm Yea! I got the garden planted. I have a series of rock-sided raised beds throughout the garden. In the last few years I have been adding a raised bed or two. The beds look neat planted or unplanted. I rotate what I grow in them. This year I have tomatoes planted in the back. Winter squash and zucchinis in the side beds. And I dug out a little f ... Read on »
October Bloom Day- Zone 4 Garden by Gloria Bonde Posted Fri 15 Oct 2010 8:24am I Usually I do not have much of a garden by October 15th. Our freeze date being from September 15th to the 29th. A frost that killed the warm weather vegetables came on October 13th. We have had the most amazing fall. Yesterday was 78 degrees here in Hot Springs, South Dakota. I still have some roses blooming and a flower here and there.  Yesterd ... Read on »
Catch Me The Moon-Late October Zone 4 Garden by Gloria Bonde Posted Sat 23 Oct 2010 4:00am This afternoon I went to the garden and picked these roses! Here we are so close to November and I still have colors in the garden. The roses are enjoying the 70 degree days and don’t seem to mind the 20 to 30 degree nights. A couple of days ago, as the sun was going down Ted and I were sitting in the garden. We were watching the birds ... Read on »
My Garden In The Wall Street Journal, August Zone 4 Flowers by Gloria Bonde Posted Sat 21 Aug 2010 5:00am On Monday I received a comment from Tatyana author of the lovely blog, My Secret Garden, who saw my name and a picture of my xeric front garden in the Wall Street Journal. My garden was included in the article written by Anne-Marie Chaker, Gardening Without a Sprinkler ,  Wall Street Journal  August 18, 2010.  How  fun! The picture that was used ... Read on »
Zone 4 Early Summer Garden and Body Surfing Goldfish, Mom and Baby Blue Jay by Gloria Bonde Posted Sun 04 Jul 2010 6:53pm Yesterday from the kitchen window I got to see a baby blue jay in a  birdbath. Quickly I grabbed my camera, opened the window a bit and used the zoom to capture this picture. Minutes later the mom fed the baby and quickly they flew off. Look closely and you will see the baby with its mouth open. We made this birdbath by taking a plastic bird ... Read on »
Climate Change Gardening in Australia by Debbie Posted Mon 08 Nov 2010 12:57am Australia is divided into eight different gardening zones because of the huge variations in temperature and rainfall across this massive continent. Altitude variations or geographical features within each zone modify temperatures and rainfall patterns, breaking up the eight zones even further. To complicate the issue, climate change is ... Read on »