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Ganglion Cysts by Northcoast Footcare Facebook Posted Tue 29 Dec 2009 10:32pm A ganglionic cyst  is a fluid filled sac arising from the lining of a tendon or joint. The most common cause is excess stress is one area due to shoe rub or faulty foot mechanics (abnormal joint or tendon function). Abnormal stress can weaken the lining of the tendon or joint capsule, resulting in an outpouching. A ganglion a ... Read on »
St. Michael’s Running Festival Recap by Linda T. Posted Sat 18 May 2013 7:35pm Today was the St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon.  This is a small half marathon (1180 finishers) in the little town of St. Michael’s MD.  According to my expert source, Wikipedia, St. Michael’s is a town of about 1000 people with an area of 1.15 square miles.  How can you have a half marathon (13.1 miles) in a town that consists of o ... Read on »
And then he stuck a big needle in it by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 26 Aug 2011 5:47pm I've ramped up my mileage in training for my upcoming marathons. This cycle I've run quite a few 15-16 milers and a couple of 18 milers hoping not to hit a wall at 20. We'll see tomorrow, when I run said 20. Since this could be my first hot run of the summer (and how did that happen?) I'll have a good measure of where my fitness is for Fox Cities ... Read on »
Tis the (Off) Season: Holey Monday by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 12 Dec 2011 4:59pm I did TOO spell that correctly. No religiousness or faith involved here, just a scalpel and 5 stitches. Back in the fall I developed, almost overnight, a big cyst on the top of my right foot. The doc thought it was probably a ganglion cyst and since he's the doc, I figured that was a good enough diagnosis for me. We tried draining it twice and ... Read on »
Almost next year by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 30 Dec 2011 4:06pm I just realized my poor blog is in serious need of updating, but that's not happening right now. This is just catching up. I realized I never posted since I had my foot sliced. When I went to have the stitches removed the doc told me it turns out that I didn't have a ganglion cyst; I didn't have a cyst at all. I had what the lab called " f ... Read on »
Hospital Bill by Carrie D. Posted Sat 05 Sep 2009 12:00am A few weeks ago, Amanda had surgery to remove a benign ganglion cyst on the bottom of her foot. The surgery took about 20 minutes and yesterday we got the statement from the insurance company for the hospital portion of the bill (doesn’t include the doctor or the anesthesiologist). The cost….just to use the hospital, for a 20 minute s ... Read on »
Weathering the weather by Francine R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 29 Oct 2012 2:08pm Well, it's certainly an indoor sort of today! The kids are still in pajamas (it's nearly 2pm). I only got dressed because I still had my podiatrist appointment this morning (ganglion cyst on top of foot; I am SO glad it's finally gone!). I took David to the Logan Express bus at 4am, and he is now safely in Minneapolis, waiting for his conference ... Read on »
If you run a race and don't write about it, does it count? by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 07 Oct 2011 11:27am I did indeed run the Fox Cities Marathon in Wisconsin, followed by the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in San Jose . I will be writing about FCM where the race was wonderful and my performance was mediocre. I probably won't write about RnR-SJ again since it was almost the same as the previous years. Right now I'm dealing with a couple of aggravati ... Read on »
Sciatica by Dr. Scot G. Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Thu 06 Nov 2008 9:44pm 1 Comment “Thou cold sciatica, cripple our senators, that their limbs may halt as lamely as their manners.”– William Shakespeare 1564. As you can see from the Shakespearian quote above, sciatica has been torturing mankind for hundreds if not thousands of years. In fact, there has even been biblical mention of this disease! Sciatica is a term whic ... Read on »
Nerve Compression Injuries from Computer Use by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven Posted Fri 03 Apr 2009 12:48pm Computers have saturated the American workplace. Approximately seven out of 10 United States workers use a computer every day for their jobs. That estimate doesn’t even include the number of people who use computers for recreation, personal matters and social networking. In the end, most people spend a significant part of the day typing and using ... Read on »