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Managing Frozen Shoulder – A Free E-Book by Chris M. Posted Sun 10 Jun 2012 4:40am You Have a Frozen Shoulder – Now What? So you finally went to the doctor about your shoulder pain and limited range of motion.  He said you have Frozen Shoulder.  Is that a “real” condition?  What can you do? … Educate yourself. Help for Your Frozen Shoulder Free E-book – Managing Frozen Shoulder Here’s a link to ... Read on »
What is a frozen shoulder? by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Fri 15 Jun 2012 5:07am The medical term for a frozen shoulder is ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’ and affects up to one in 20 people in the UK. It is most common in women aged between 40–60 years, as well as people with previous shoulder injuries, diabetesA disorder caused by insufficient or absent production of the hor ... Read on »
Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 96 by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Mon 06 Apr 2009 11:15pm Monday is Blog Carnivals Day. A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great ... Read on »
Battling Frozen Shoulder? You Have Options by Chris M. Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 4:52am Does the Rotater help with frozen shoulder?  Read this email from someone who’s been battling this painful condition and decide for yourself! Me and The Rotater—A Success Story Imagine not being able to: Frozen Shoulder is Painful Towel dry your back. Take off or put on a sweater over your head. Reach for the butter dis ... Read on »
Can Physical Therapy Help Alleviate Shoulder Pain by hqbk Posted Wed 28 Dec 2011 2:37am Physical therapy plays an important role in an integrated pain management program, and is utilized to reduce pain, and improve mobility and function. Physical therapy treatment provided at a recognized pain management center under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist can alleviate shoulder pain as well as back and neck pain. Should ... Read on »
Shoulder Pain Relief for Office Workers by Chris M. Posted Wed 01 Feb 2012 4:41am Poor posture…it’s the curse of sitting at a desk all day (or all night). BUT, that’s your job … SO you get shoulder and neck pain. What can you do? Can Relief from Shoulder Pain be this Simple? Researchers in Denmark have discovered that performing a simple resistance band exercise, done for 2 minutes a day can “significantly” reduce sh ... Read on »
Getting Rid of Shoulder Pain Without Using Drugs by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Posted Mon 25 Feb 2013 10:04pm Your shoulder is the most movable joint in your body. It has a group of 4 tendons, known as rotator cuff, that provides broad range of motion to your shoulder. If swelling, injury or bone changes happen, it can result to shoulder pain. You may feel it when you move your arm above your head or moving it forward or behind your back.   ... Read on »
Frozen Shoulder is Common “Froze... by Chris M. Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 10:20pm Frozen Shoulder is Common “Frozen shoulder” or adhesive capsulitis (the name you are most likely to hear a physician/surgeon use) is very common. In layman terms, this name simply describes a situation where there is a loss of the range of motion in the shoulder joint. This can result from: the development of scar tissue within the jo ... Read on »
Frozen Shoulder and Ayurveda by Dr Gowthaman Facebook Posted Sun 11 Sep 2011 6:42am 2 Comments Significant loss of motion of shoulder joint in all directions is medically termed as ‘Frozen Shoulder’ / clinically named as Adhesive capsulitis. It’s not a new condition to Ayurveda as this condition in Ayurveda described as ‘Apabhuka’. Causes of Frozen Shoulder 1. Inflammation/ Scarring/ Thickening of the capsule (Surrounding Shoulde ... Read on »
Ate diabetes more prone to frozen shoulder by osteon80 Facebook Posted Fri 13 Jan 2012 10:43am Are Diabetes more prone to frozen shoulder? I remember being told by my Orthopedic Chief that the meniscus was a Vestigial Organ and if removed would regenerate. This was 1978 and this was the opinion of the best surgeons around the world.I have learned to always question conventional statements.FACTS Shoulder problems are not what come to min ... Read on »