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Glyphosate (RoundUp), frogs and childhood cancers. by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert Posted Mon 19 Dec 2011 9:52am Argentina: Poison from the Sky by Marcela Valente (IPS) - Argentina's soy boom has been a major source of foreign exchange. But the other side of the coin is the toxic effects among the rural population, from spraying agrochemicals. Research by th ... Read on »
P90X Day 78: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab Ripper X by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:52pm A friend of mine has been away for a year and he is back today. His name is Jack Bauer and he makes Tony Horton look like a big wuss! I am an hour into "24" and Jack has already killed 8 bad guys -- a rather slow start! Jack would eat P90X for breakfast! Anyways, today was the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout. This is always a challenge ... Read on »
The Frog Didn’t Know That He Didn’t Know by Joyce H. Posted Wed 14 Jul 2010 12:00am There is a story about a frog  placed in a pot of cold water on the stove. Slowy the heat was turned up under the pan, until the water boiled the frog to death. The frog stayed there, oblivious to the doom sealing his fate. Had the frog been thrown into a pot of very hot water, he would have realized the horrible situation he was in, an ... Read on »
P90X Review by Embracefire Posted Thu 06 May 2010 10:29am I have been asked many times about the programs I do, and so I have put together a comprehensive review of P90X for all those curious people out there who are thinking about giving it a try. What it is: P90X is a flexible cross-fit stylized ‘home revolution’ program that utilizes weight lifting, body resistance, cardio, core/ab exercise ... Read on »
…Wednesday W.O.D…. by ms4composure Posted Thu 06 Feb 2014 7:00am Want a workout to help kick-start your day? Snowed in at home (or work) and need something to get your blood pumping? Here ya go!! -20 lunges in place -20 air squats -25 jumping jacks -25 calf raises - 10 Push Ups - 15 sit ups -15 frog hops Do four round of these. Only take 20 seconds of rest between sets. If you wa ... Read on »
Pilates in the 2nd Trimester by Elaine E. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 29 May 2009 4:07am All the women I know who continue their pilates practice throughout their pregnancy are so happy that they're doing so. They say that pilates is one of the best things they do for themselves- they feel great when they are done with the session, they feel strong, fit, and keep a positive body image. That is so awesome! Of course, as pregnancy c ... Read on »
rewind: parker by stairstepmom Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Jan 2009 6:24pm (Prior updates) 8.8.07 Our little sweetie is 2 years old!!! Can't believe how fast it went! :) His birthday party is in a couple weeks so we will be officially celebrating then! He has his 2 year check-up next week; can't wait to see how much he's grown! He's doing great, really starting to chatter more and more and losing those last ... Read on »
You Know You're A Dancer When... by Selly Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:01pm ...Dance is life and the rest is just spare time. ... You walk with your feet turned out subconsciously ...When you put on your pointe shoes to reach high places ... Your vocabulary includes Band-Aids, wedgies, sweat, tape, determination, and guts! ... You use your swing set to practice your fouettes. ... You hav ... Read on »
Your Health Teacher Was Right: Boys and Girls ARE Different, Even at Exercise [Or: Why I Still Suck at Pull-Ups] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 10 Oct 2012 1:37am Even babies do better pull-ups than I do! (And look way cuter doing them too! Awww!) This past Monday found New Gym Buddy Kari (everyone say “Hi Kari!”), trying her best to follow my weird directions, standing on a weight bench and doing jumping pull-ups, which if you’ve ever tried them, can be plenty hard. As she boinged up ... Read on »
Back to Basics Move of the Week - The Crunch by getfitchick Posted Tue 24 Jul 2012 5:31pm The first thing everyone thinks of about working the ab area is – gonna get a six pack! However, it is more important to work the abs to – get a strong core! Strong core muscles lead to better balance and stability in our everyday activities as well as in sports or in the gym. Weak core muscles can lead to poor posture, lower b ... Read on »