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Forget a Name? 6 Tips for Faking It. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Posted Wed 16 Nov 2011 12:44pm I have a lot of trouble remembering people's names. (My husband, on other hand, is freakily good at remembering names and faces -- a very handy virtue in a spouse.) Also, I often have trouble remembering why someone looks familiar. Several years ago, while at crowded birthday party for a three-year-old, I was on the brink of going ov ... Read on »
Oops, I forgot your name! by Bob T. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 3:48pm I'll never forget the shock I felt when I first heard the following comment from a medical professional: "It's not about memory, it's about cognition." He was talking about dementia and what, in his opinion, is a popular misconception that leads to a lot of unnecessary worry by people who are suddenly forgetting names and where they placed thi ... Read on »
ENCORE: OOPS, I FORGOT YOUR NAME! by Bob T. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 14 Aug 2011 3:24pm This is an encore article originally published in January, 2009. The more we learn about memory and cognition, the more relevant this article becomes. See what you think– I'll never forget the shock I felt when I first heard the following comment from a medical professional: "It's not about memory, it's about cognition." He was talking ... Read on »
Rachel Sarah: The woman with two first names by Sondra .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 09 Nov 2009 10:00pm Whenever I am introduced to someone named Sarah, the first thing that comes to mind is how she spells her name. Is it Sarah with an ‘h’ or without? Ever since I discovered Rachel Sarah, I knew there was no way I could ever forget her name, or her writing. She’s everywhere. And I mean that in a good way. I picked up a copy of her book, Sing ... Read on »
ELDER POETRY INTERLUDE: Forgetfulness by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 16 Feb 2012 8:30am Now and then on Thursdays, particularly when I need some extra time, I will post a poem I like related to aging. Today, it is from Billy Collins - Forgetfulness The name of the author is the first to go followed obediently by the title, the plot, the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel which suddenly becomes one you have ... Read on »
Ask TCV – How do you pretend to remember a person’s name? by Brenda Avadian Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Mon 06 Feb 2012 9:05am You don’t. We get ourselves in too much trouble when we pretend to do anything. Being honest helps us live more in line with the facts of our life — we forgot a person’s name. Sure you feel embarrassed as I did, when… I called the recent widow of our late town council member. Unsure of her name, I was honest (and embarrassed), whe ... Read on »
Jenny Craig Changes Their Name And Their Spokesperson – Mariah Carey “Makes It Happen” by Adria A. Posted Tue 15 Nov 2011 12:00am   Laying in bed I saw this commercial.  However, I wasn’t sure if I was on the right channel.  This somewhat risky clip seemed to be drawing in more attention from the guys rather then Jenny Craig’s female dominated crowd.   No normal commercial would do for a diva like Mariah Carey.  With Mariah as the new spokesperson, there w ... Read on »
Second look: On knowing your name by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 10 Jun 2010 8:25am My wife and I do a bible study on Sundays for a group of Alzheimer’s patients at a local nursing home.  When we got ready to leave, Linda asked one older lady what her name was.  She wanted to pray for her.  The lady looked around the room tentatively as if searching for something.  Quietly, hesitantly she replied, “I don’t remember what my nam ... Read on »
What’s your name? What’s your number? by Jeff W. Medical Student Posted Sun 26 Sep 2010 11:31am Even as a medical student, one meets and interacts with enough patients that it is difficult to keep the details of their lives straight. But if there are two things that you should remember about each patient before seeing them, it is their name and their number. And by number, I don’t mean their digits. Most patients are pretty reasonabl ... Read on »
The Names by Alicia D Posted Mon 17 Dec 2012 1:51pm We spent Saturday at a family Christmas party in Pennsylvania where we celebrated while avoiding commentary on the events that occurred 24 hours earlier.  It was my 90 year old grandmother's most beloved day and we weren't going to bring it down.  Dr Fabulous and I co-wrote our first article for submission to a regional paper.  It would have been ... Read on »