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If I were a protein-rich food, I’d be… by NutritionLeslie Posted Mon 22 Nov 2010 8:17am An EGG and here’s why!! The quality of protein in an egg is the highest of any whole food; it is second only to breast milk. So, for grown-ups, this is as good a protein as you can get!   Eggs are a great addition to breakfast because the protein aids in maintaining satiety (which can aid in weight management). Research suggests that eg ... Read on »
Benefits of Protein Powders - What's your favorite brand? by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Tue 05 May 2009 5:55pm Protein Powders You’ve read a million articles… heard or watched a million endorsements that elicit the benefits of protein powders that can turn you into ‘The Incredible Hulk’ or his delightful real-world compadre, Hulk Hogan. Before we can talk about protein powders, let’s understand what protein is and how foods high in pro ... Read on »
Five foods that burn fat: Say bye bye to fad diets! by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Feb 2010 5:01am Introduction As soon you feel it is time to lose weighttwo ugly words that you are unfamiliar with pop up namely ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’. Yesthere are a million exercise routines out there depending on the amount of time available for a workout every week. Yet one cannot help but emphasize the importance of a balanced diet that hel ... Read on »
Everything I know about Protein Powders by Angel31 Posted Sun 04 Jul 2010 12:13pm A couple of readers have asked for some information on protein shakes and powders so I thought I'd do full post on them. I'm no expert, so this information is based on what I've picked up over the last couple of years from books, websites and blogs, and my own experiences of course! If you been reading the blog for a while you will see that I use ... Read on »
Recover Faster From Exercise with Protein AND Carbs by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:03pm A study from James Madison University shows that runners recover faster when they take in large amounts of protein, carbohydrates and antioxidants after their workouts ( International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism , Volume 17, 2007). Athletes train by taking a workout hard enough to damage their muscles, feeling sore on th ... Read on »
Pregnancy and Putting Protein on the Table by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011 7:23am Image by mahalie This is a guest post by George Tempa of Pregnancy is a very amazing experience for the woman, but it is also very hard on her body. Though the female of almost every species has been built to accommodate forming new life, the body can use a little help during these times in order to keep mum an ... Read on »
Cut Calories by Eating More Protein by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 21 Mar 2011 10:40am Eat protein with every meal. It will help you cut calories without feeling hungry because you are eating enough. And, it will help your fat loss and weight loss efforts. One of the knocks on fad diets is that you feel like you're starving most of the time. For example, a study published in Nutrition Research shows that a breakfas ... Read on »
How to Make Yourself Happy Without Junk Food by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Sat 21 May 2011 10:14am Image by  joeshlabotnik This is a guest post by Brianna Elliott of In America’s society, food often accompanies people’s moods. Whether they are celebrating, grieving, nervous or bored, food is constantly around. Usually it consists of junk food that provides no nutritional benefit to their body—it just tastes good. ... Read on »
Eat More Protein To Help Weight Loss and Fat Loss by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 14 Nov 2008 7:04am Two quick notes about eating protein to help you in your fat loss program: 1) eat protein with every meal and 2) eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. It takes your body longer to digest protein, so you will fill fuller for a longer period of time by eating more foods rich in protein (this should help you eat fe ... Read on »
Delicious and Healthy Protein Wafers by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Wed 09 Jun 2010 9:30am Protein is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Every cell in the human body contains protein and it’s a major part of the skin, muscles, organs, and glands. Protein is also found in all body fluids, except bile and urine. The human body needs protein to produce and repair cells, playing an important role in growth and development. A nutr ... Read on »