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Baby food: Simple recipes for babies and infants by Mary .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 01 Oct 2009 10:05pm Baby food: Recipes for infants Infants have daily requirements of about 5 grains of calcium. Ok looking at food like: Milk contains 22,(grains of calcium in each quart). Eggs, cereals, rice, radishes, asparagus, and spinach are rich in calcium. Meat, fish, bread, fruit, and potatoes are poor in calcium. Iron rich foods a ... Read on »
Yummy Spoonfuls Baby Food…yes, I’m writing about baby food by betsymetcalf Posted Thu 01 Mar 2012 7:33am I’ve never thought much about baby food before but now that I am going to be bringing a life into this world, I guess it’s something I need to think about.  I worry about what I put into my body so it’s only fitting that I should be concerned with what my baby gets in her body. When I heard from the folks at Yummy Spoonfuls, I t ... Read on »
Oh, Baby! All Natural Food For Baby and Baby Food Recipes by pehpot Posted Mon 01 Nov 2010 4:20pm Yup.. she is turning a year old and I have not given her complicated baby food yet. It's not the same with her brothers who started eating food for babies like rice and other solid foods at 8 months (they started cereals at 6 months). As with Sati, well, I just have to be really really careful. She is a girl and I don't want her to experience foo ... Read on »
Happy Baby Foods are the Healthy and Nutritious Alternative to Baby Jar Foods by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Sat 06 Jun 2009 11:48pm I thought I would be one of those mothers who would lovingly home make all the baby food. I sniffed at the idea of baby food in the jar. Why would I ever want to feed my baby THAT? I got a copy of Super Baby Food, read through it and smugly declared that I would never resort to feeding my baby those unhealthy commercialized baby products … ... Read on »
Healthy food for babies: Homemade Healthy baby food by Mary .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 31 Mar 2010 9:49pm When I first introduced baby food to my son I did not one day buy baby food from the shops. Feeding your infants healthy food grow into healthy babies and who says you cannot make healthy food for your little one right from the start at home? Forget about myths of baby food from the shops is the most healthy and people who discourage yo ... Read on »
BabiesRus: Earth’s Best Diapers Jumbo Pack $3.50 & 21 Jars of Food Baby Food $7.50! by Dealectible Mom Posted Wed 05 Jan 2011 9:06pm BabiesRus has released several new coupons for Rewards members, and a few items can also be stacked with manufactures coupons. Head over to the ToysRus/BabiesRus coupon page and print a coupon good for Earth’s Best Jumbo Pack of diapers for $5. Then head over to Earth’s Best and print a coupon good for $1.50 off any pack of Earth ... Read on »
Baby food politics: Should WIC pays more for “Functional” foods? by Dr. Marion Nestle Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 16 Sep 2010 12:50pm Laurie True, who directs California’s WIC progam ( Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children), writes in The Hill about the latest efforts of infant formula company lobbyists to extract more money for their products. WIC, for the uninitiated, provides formula and foods to low-income mothers of small children.   ... Read on »
Make your own baby food with Annabel Karmel products! by Sarah H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 10 Nov 2010 12:00am I have always wanted to be more frugal with my options, especially when it comes to baby food. Buying pre-made baby food items can get so expensive, and sometimes, there is added ingredients that you may not want your baby or toddler to have. I love the new food product line that Infantino carries: the Annabel Karmel products ! I really l ... Read on »
Baby Food Shmabey Food- Give Me The Goods! by Dani S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 01 Feb 2010 5:48pm Whether it's jarred baby food or Mama's homemade purees and mashes, Katie is WAY more interested in having real food in front of her that she can actually pick up and explore!  I suppose I can't bla ... Read on »
From Real Food To Baby Food: Starting with Veggies by Amy R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 09 Dec 2013 8:49am In full disclosure, my kids are teenagers! I had to borrow the adorable baby in this post to taste test our veggies today. I would totally keep her if her mother let me!  But maybe it's a good thing, because I can tell you how I fed my babies in retrospect :) Just about every food my babies ate were first a pureed version, then a softe ... Read on »