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Dr. Brian Clement on Good Food Combining in the Raw Food Diet by Annet v. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 6:49pm Dr. Brian Clement talks about the importance of good food combining in the raw food diet. Many people in the raw food movement eat more for the taste and the stimulating effect of the food, than for their health (the biochemistry and the nutritional effect). What about you? Read on »
Comment on Food Combining 101 by 7 Worst Breakfast Food Ideas that Will Wreak Havoc on Your Health | Nadya Andreeva by Nadya Andreeva Facebook Posted Mon 07 Apr 2014 12:47pm […] (high in fiber and protein, low in sugar) are energizing and satisfying. Unhealthy options or poor food combinations can leave you feeling bloated, lethargic, and even hungrier than if you hadn’t eaten any […] Read on »
DINNER TONIGHT: FULL MENU FOOD COMBINING by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 22 Jun 2009 10:29pm Lately, I have been reviewing my Natural Hygiene/Food-Combining information, and I am working at keeping the food-combining rules when I make my meals.  It is actually not that difficult – I just must make simple recipes (and make sure that all the ingredients in the recipes work together well), and then make sure that all the ingredients in ... Read on »
My experience with food combining by thegrassskirt Health Maven Posted Thu 11 Aug 2011 10:20pm Home Healthy Eating My experience with food combining 4 comments Aug 11/11 Healthy Eating I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Kimberly Snyder and her book The Beauty Detox Solution. Since reading he ... Read on »
Food Combining Explained by Kavit H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Jul 2008 8:14pm There has been a lot of research done on the significance of food combining when we eat. Many believe that our stomach is designed to only digest food correctly one food type at a time or eating foods together that are compatible with each other. This is because each food type requires a different enzyme to digest them. Eating the correct food ... Read on »
THE LESSON I LEARNED AT MY RAW VEGAN MEET-UP: Obey food-combining rules!!!! by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 12 Jun 2009 10:27pm WARNING: POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE (but realistic ) MATERIAL: I went out to dinner with a raw vegan meet-up group tonight. (when I tried to explain the concept to my Japanese room-mate, she asked me if it was like a *blind date* with a lot of people.  Well, yes, I guess you could say that, if you stretched a bit.)  I’ll tell you more about the ... Read on »
The Myth of Food Combining by Naomi D. Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 May 2009 5:43pm Teff Pitta Breads I'm posting this because I have been labouring under the misapprehension that vegetarians needed to combine grains with dairy or pulses to obtain the full benefit of the protein. I referred to to this theory in the post below. I was a vegetarian myself for 24 years and spent most of those m ... Read on »
The Pros and Cons Of a Food Combining Diet by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 29 May 2009 11:35pm Lots of people are talking about how a food combining diet can help you, but before you start any sort of dietary change, you should figure out how it really works, how it helps you lose weight and whether it really suits you. Take a few moments to learn about food combining diets and what they really do! What Is a Food Combining Diet? Fi ... Read on »
Burn Fat Better With The Right Food Combination by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 11:37am The right food combinations to burn fat must be carefully chosen in order, to achieve results the right results expected. In your quest for weight loss or fat burn what you need must is the right information to guide you, there are lots of products and programs out there that can get you easily confuse ... Read on »
Green Smoothies - Bad Food Combining? by Laurel Alanna McBrine Posted Tue 09 Feb 2010 2:24pm Fruit should be eaten alone, according to food combining rules.  But what about green smoothies - doesn't blending fruit with greens break that rule and invite digestive problems? I was wondering about that myself, after someone left a comment here regarding just this question.  I wasn't too worried about proper food combining when it came to ... Read on »